3V1774.04 Reading to Me (11/30/82)

Peggy read, i.e. interpreted the stories of, Richard Scary’s Funniest Story Book Ever. Two incidents stand out: first shows lack of cross-page & top-bottom order of story interpretation; second, the role of inferable cause in inducing such order. In the story about “Absent Minded Mr. Rabbit,” Peg did not notice the ordering of clothes removal on the second page. In her version, after getting stuck, Mr. Rabbit was squirted, jammed, pulled by a truck, then poked by a pole, (from the bottom to the top, no notice of which came first). On the contrary, in “Sergeant Murphy and the Banana Thief,” she first pointed out incidents sans order then (on p. 4) after first pointing out how bananas gorilla flipped the table in the air (at the bottom ) she then pointed out that he slipped on a banana peel in a picture above (this must be a memory from being read to).

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