P123D1: Standard Objects: Insertions, Pretending, Ring Tower, 20mb

P123D1 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:27 by Analyst, 3/25/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 1:02
Beanbags and Insertion in Boxes
Episode B:
1:03 to 2:05 3:01
Insertions into Tube
Episode C:
1:03 to 3:05
Sticks as Cigars/Monster Teeth
Episode D:
3:06 to 4:27
Ring Tower:
Bob: you’re a monster?
Peg: no I’m not.
Bob: I didn’t think you were.
Peg: (taking the ring tower base and shaft from the toy tray peg fits on it ring A equal ring 4, and presses it down. Selecting ring B equal ring 0 she puts that on top of ring 4; selecting ring C equal ring 1, that is added to the shaft, covering the shaft all the way to the top. Seeing that little or none of the shaft projects above the top of ring C, she flips it up and down saying: where’s the purple? Removing rings C and B, peg touches the top of the shaft and says: go here. Peg picks up the large box to give her a more complete view of the contents of the toy tray)
Bob: the purple’s gone, isn’t it, peg?. I took it away.
Peg: daddy, can I have the purple? Can we have the purple?
Bob: I’ll get it. (He moves to do so.)
Peg: (while pressing down on ring A, she says: okay. You get it. Selecting ring D, now equal ring 0, peg tries it on the shaft then removes it immediately, touching the top, she says, as Bob drops the purple ring E equal ring 6: there… Here.
Peg: (selecting ring E equal ring 6, peg puts that on top of the conical shaft and says: that’s – – which Bob interprets to mean thanks.
Bob: you’re welcome.
Peg: bringing ring D back to the ring tower she tries it on top of ring E equal 6 and asks: like that? As she tries to force it and the ring below further down the conical shaft.
Bob: I don’t know… Hey, let me do something peg. May I? (While peg holds ring 0 in her right hand, Bob removes the 2 rings from the conical shaft and replaces ring 6 back on the shaft at the top; it will not go down further. Redefine ring 6 here as ring A. Then he hands ring 4 to peg and asks her; can you get all of them on?
Peg: okay. Try.
Bob: (reaching around behind her he brings forward, into the toy tray, ring 1.) Here’s another one.
Peg: (taking ring B equal ring 1 from the toy tray she puts that on ring 6 and then super adds the set of rings 0 and 4, squeezing all 4 rings together she says: there!
Peg: (this is clearly unsatisfactory; she lets the ring tower and base drop down to the floor, with ring 6 still on the conical shaft, she holds the other 3 rings in her hand, then drops all on to the floor.)
Peg: (surveying the rings on the floor, removing ring 6 and holding it in her right hand, she asks: where did go? Here? (As she looks again in the toy tray; she removes the ping-pong ball from the tray and puts it in the hole of one of the rings. See the next clip in sequence: P123D2.)
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P123, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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