3V1784.01 Paris, Last Note (12/10/82)

I asked Peggy if she wanted to use the TI computer this morning, volunteering to set up whatever she wants. In a little while she asked if she could make a shape. I wrote for her what to key. She’s now working on a shape.

Last night I read to Peggy. The main idea I wanted to communicate is that words represent sounds and that reading is interpreting the words as sounds. I’ve decided to teach Peggy to read. My ideas on how to do that are unformed as yet. Last night, I asked what a word in our story meant, what sound it made (“pig” in lower case). Peg didn’t know. I told her. She recognized the sound and located the other instances in the text — her favorite story in Scary’s book of nursery tales (Five little Pigs – for which she knows the story line, dialogue, and toe-association game).

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