P035C: Peggy with Objects on the Floor 29mb

P035C Clip Notes

Notes:2:06 by Analyst, 2/25/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Peggy on the Floor; GPL with plastic doll and an unfamiliar stick
Actors,Aims Peggy and GPL; Bob on camera.
Episode A: GPL: (Gretchen enters the scene and puts Peggy on the floor; exit Gretchen)
GPL: (Gretchen returns with two objects Peggy’s favorite plastic doll and a wooden bit of flotsam found around the house: this is something new to Peggy)
Peggy: (Peggy stops whining: her attention is apparently captured by the two objects in Gretchen’s hands. she turns to Gretchen and focuses on them)
Peggy: (Peggy crawls towards Gretchen and the two objects in her usual fashion)
Bob: how are you going to tell us which one you want, sweetie?
GPL: which one do you want?
Peg: (looking at Gretchen’s face Peggy makes an inarticulate noise, half whimper and half expression of interest)
GPL: (as Peggy crawls closer, Gretchen raises the objects out of her reach; Peggy expresses disappointments with a small whimper)
Bob: are you holding them away so she can’t get them?
GPL: yeah.
Bob: well, put them down close to the floor, so they’re not beyond her reach. Then she can go get one if she wants.
GPL: (lowering the objects to the floor)
Peggy: (crawling first towards her plastic doll, Peggy nonetheless focuses her attention on the wooden stick, the novelty.)
Bob: (as Peggy crawls toward the wooden stick now blocked from view by Gretchen’s shoulder) unfortunately, I can’t see what’s going on here. (Gretchen goes back a bit.)
Peggy: (reaching out she grabs the wooden stick)
Bob: Gee, that’s really surprising.
Peggy: (reaching out to her left hand, Peggy knocks over the plastic doll; she still has her attention focused on the wooden stick and rises up on two hands, then sinks down whimpering in frustration)
GPL: (laying flat the wooden stick, which Peggy now reaches for)
Bob: just go away and leave them both. (Exit Gretchen)
Episode B:at 1:03 Peggy: (now alone on the floor with the objects, Peggy focuses on the new stick. She continues to handle the stick while Bob says the following.)
Bob: Now that’s just a piece of random fluff that happened to be around the house, which she has never seen before. The the other thing is her favorite rattle.
Peg: (Peggy handles the stick with both hands picks up one end of the stick and brings it to her mouth, removes it, returns it to her mouth, and lays it flat on the floor. Peg then grasps the far end, raising the stick, she brings a middle portion of the stick to her mouth, then appears to cast the stick away.)
Bob: does it roll?
Peg: (whimpering, she crawls over to the stick, and flings it again. She then wails.)
Bob: shall we stop for a while Peggy? Do think I should?… Peggy, how can I tell?
Peg: (wailing even more, Peggy rotates on her belly)
Bob: that’s about as good an answer as any man should expect. Thank you, dear.
Ending at 2:06.
Indicating choice by reaching for and grasping objects; novelty vs. a favorite toy

Panel P035, Early Language interactions, Object Exploration, a Typical Feeding Situation

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