3V0935.02 Time: “Tomorrow went BOOP; Mimi did it.” (8/14/80)

With my irregular schedule, days are much like one another. There is
no daily grinds for me and no unusual weekend for Peggy; unusual in
Daddy’s being home. Today and yesterday are not words I’ve heard her
use. She does know that “tomorrow” is a time word, however, as this
incident shows.

Since my fixing my MG, we have regularly gone on post-supper
excursions to Jacob’s beach where Peggy rides the “horsie” swings. (She
refers to the beach as the “fair” because she rode horses on the merry
go round at the St. George’s Carnival some few weeks back — the other
children referred to that carnival as “the fair.”) One of those evenings,
Miriam and Peggy waited in the car while I got my wallet from the
house. While inside, I heard the horn blowing. Upon my return,
Miriam explained that Peggy had been blowing the horn. This evening,
we drove to the beach playground again. At some point, Peggy
climbed in the boot and said “Tomorrow went BOOP — Mimi did it.” She
was referring to the horn blowing incident, using the word tomorrow to
refer to “yesterday” and marking the completedness of the action by
tense of the verb.

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