3V0882.01 More on “crack” and “bang”: [It DOES say ‘crack’] (6/21/80)

Peggy sits across the room from me, reading “The Calculus Affair.” A
few moments ago she read at the end of the book, “I love him and that
one. I love Snowy and Captain Hack-uck.” (pointing at the pictures)
I agreed Snowy was a good dog. Peggy leafed back through the pages,
stopping at another picture of Snowy, “he’s a good dog.” Coming to
page 3, she pointed at the bottom: “That says ‘Bang, ‘right?” when
I concurred, she said of the next “and that says ‘crack’.” At the top of
the page, a third lightning stroke was noticed, “And that says ‘crack,’
too.” I asked her how she knew, and Peggy replied, “It DOES say
‘crack’.” turning to the cover, she decided to look inside again. After
turning back to the cover, she asked herself, “Where did ‘bang’ go?”

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