3V1046.01 Jumping jacks: analogy (12/3/80)

Playing with the fire tongs, Peggy held them vertical and opened and
closed them a bit, bouncing them off the floor. “Tweezers [tongs] are
doing ‘jumping jacks’.”

Comment in passing: “I think bears piss in the woods.”

Noted by one of the children: Peggy at her toy telephone:
“Doctor, come out to my house at 3:30 to give me a shot. Bye,
Doctor.” Why 3:30 (or #) ? I don’t know. Peggy has asked me a few
times to “wake me up at 3 o’clock.” (Once, while she was sitting in the
recliner reading — it was about 1:30 at the time; last night, when I put
her in her crib.)

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