3V0538.01 [read the story]: real importance of communication; (7/14/79)

The little golden book version of Madeline was brought out today.
Miriam attempted to read it to Peggy. Peggy’s attention soon wandered
[she perhaps did not feel great either, being sick with roseola; the
fever had gone and the rash was come] and she fussed at me, but
Miriam continued to read. Later in the day, Peggy and I were alone in
the living room. I was seated in the recliner. Peggy came to me, waving
Madeline and babbling. I began to listen, and heard her say, “read the
story”! Before Miriam had read aloud earlier, she had asked Peggy
slowly and clearly something like “Do you want to read a story? Shall I
read this story to you?” Gretchen.

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