Movies and Image Presentations: ^

LC0aM03 French TV at Le Centre Mondial L’Informatique (1982)
Seymour Papert, Miriam and Peggy, and Bob: ideas and demos at Le Centre Mondial

LC0cM5 Computers in the Classroom, a movie produced by National Headstart (at lc0a-movies)

LC0cM6 Impressions from Headstart, a movie produced by Lawler summarizing his research at Headstart in Lafayette, Indiana.

Image Presentations:

The Eiffel Tower in April LC0cM1 Remembering Le Centre Mondial L’Informatique
world worlds demo screen LC0cM2 Learning to Read with a Computer Word Worlds for Headstart (Powerpoint Presentation)
Peg and Scotty in the MG LC0cM3 Re-Made in the USA
LC0cM4 Learning about Learning Something


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