3V0933.01 Describing actions: fluid script application (8/12/80)

Over this past week, Peggy has often played with her Fischer-Price dolls.
This has joined with her new interest in Legos so she has made (with
Miriam’s help and mine) in making couches and houses for her dolls.
Most striking about Peggy’s play with dolls is her language use. She
interleaves different roles in a fluid manner. She speaks in the person
of specific dolls in turns (she has named them generically (?) by roles
from our family names: thus “Daddy”, “Mommy”, “Mimi” and “Peggy”
have become generalized names. She gives the dolls commands, (“Go
up there.”), directions (“Rub his face.”), and advice (“Better hold on.”)
She even inquires of them, “Are you alright?”

I tried to capture an example of this in Sunday’s experiment (P134) but
it didn’t work well.

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