3V0200.04 Debugging: let go before grasping. 8/10

During reviews of past videotapes (P 28 and earlier) Gretchen has remarked that when Peggy knocks a desired object with one in her hand already, or reaches for a desired object with another still grasped in the reaching hand, it appears she may be trying to “rake in” the remoter desired object. Could this be true? An incident a few days ago (3 or 4) gives evidence on that question and also exemplifies a rudimentary problem solution. We, Gretchen, Peggy and I, sat at table. As our lunch went on Peggy mouthed her disk-shaped teething ring, holding it in her right hand. Peggy began reaching a teething biscuit while Gretchen removed the paper and when it was held within her reach she reached out to grasp it with her right hand — but the hand was still holding the disk-shaped teething ring. Still grasping the disk after a few bumps, Peggy then reached across her body and grasped the biscuit with her left hand. Gretchen let go. Peggy let go of the disk, grasped the biscuit in both hands and brought it to her mouth.

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