Peggy Study, Panel P109 Themes: Language Development, Object Knowledge, Social Interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 2/24/1980 Title: Text commentary: I am not proud of letting my frustration surface so much in this session, but it came from the technology (30 minute video tapes) that I couldn’t afford as a grad student ($15. each, in 1970’s). Times …

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3V0769.04 Contrast: reading Cat in the Hat (3/1/80) I read this to Peggy for the first time today. It was very difficult to keep her interested in any specific page long enough for me to read aloud the relatively extensive text on each page. Realizing early that this was a problem, I decided to see …

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3V0769.03 Reading Hop on Pop (3/1/80) Peggy sat reading in the middle of the study floor. Was Gretchen sitting with her ? I can’t recall., but I know she was least in the room. Peggy turned the first page, pointed at the picture and said, “Up // Pup.” (This is the large letter text of …

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3V0769.02 “cake tastes good” (3/1/80) Spontaneous sentence apropos a piece of cheesecake left over from my birthday.


3V0769.01 Miriam’s Pillow; idea: function words as pause fillers (3/1/80) Because in the worst periods of her allergies, Miriam slept better sitting up, we bought her a king sized pillow. It is longer than Peggy is tall and wider. Thus Peggy finds it perfect for falling on. Miriam tried to take it away while Peggy …

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3V0767.01 Don’t rub your eyes”; imitation as analysis by synthesis (2/28/80) So, Gretchen reminded me. I sat in my chair with Peggy and one of her books on my lap. (My eyes get itchy from allergic reactions and I rub them excessively, almost without noticing). Peggy turned, looked at me (after I had stopped) and …

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3V0765.02 [Hurts…neck] (2/26/80) “Hurts…neck” Gretchen.


3V0765.01 [I’m cold]? (2/26/80) Out for a walk on a windy day. We did not get very far when Peggy remarked, “I’m [or am – unclear] cold.” G: “Shall we go back home and get warm ?” P: “Yep.” Gretchen.


3V0764.01 Many Lawlers: extended family (2/25/80) going through the catalog again: P: “Peggy Lawler… Mimi Lawler…Tree Lawler…” G: “Tree Lawler?” P: “Out there (gesturing).” Gretchen.