3V1277.01 First nearly complete Alphabet song (7/22/81)

Peggy is much interested in the alphabet. Recently she sat on the couch reading Richard Scary’s book, saying what the letter picture correspondences implied, “A is for Apple,” etc. Getting stuck once or twice she asked me to tell her what was intended by the picture (eg. Q and R showed a queen and a rug, and Peg didn’t know what to make of the pictures.)

Today, Peggy, Miriam and I were in the living room. Peggy began singing the alphabet song. Neither the melody nor sequence was perfect, but the melody was tolerable and the alphabet was expressed with correct chunks — more or less. Peggy knew she couldn’t complete the song — so she asked Miriam for help. The girls sang together and then, skipping about the room, Peggy sang the alphabet in complete form for the first time, solo. Not quite perfect, she still sings “L-O-M-O-P.”

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