P150B3: Standard Objects:(3), Nesting Boxes Tower, 24mb

P150B3 Clip Notes

Notes: 5:08 by Analyst, 4/23/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: 0:03 – 0:25 Getting Started with Nesting Boxes:
Episode B: 0:26 – 1:25 Building a Tower:
Bob: I’m going to build a big tower with these. (Placing box 1 on the floor beside the toy tray.)
Peggy: can I help?
Bob: (moving to more boxes within her reach) here, you build the biggest tower you can.
Peg: (assuming box 1 is her selected box A, she selects box B equal box 2, and puts it face upward on top of box 1’s closed face, with closed face up. Without interruption, she selects box C, box 3, and puts that on the closed face of box 2. She asks: is that okay?
Bob: yeah, that’s okay… But you’ve got another piece you can use (pushing forward box 4 for her consideration.)
Peggy: (selecting box D, box 4, she reoriented it so the openface is up, and puts it on top of box 3 – in consequence of which it sinks into box 3 as container.
Bob: (pointing at the tower) but, look it didn’t get any bigger. You put another piece on, and it’s no bigger.
Peg: (squatting down, gesturing with her hands to emphasize size, she says: it’s a big, big tower.
Peg: (selecting a Fisher-Price doll, she walks it across the floor and into a window of box 1, saying: she’s hiding.
Bob: can you make the tower any bigger, Peggy?
Peg: (a positive response, although the words are not articulated – the sense is “yes.”
Peg: (after extracting box 4 from the inside of box 3, she inverts box 3 so the closed face is upward, then directly places box 4 on top of the closed face of box 3, asking: is that okay, dad?
Bob: That’s super!… Hey, here some more pieces (lifting some small blocks out of the toy tray, he places them on the floor in front of her.) You can make it even bigger with these, I bet.
Peg: I bet I can. (Placing a wooden block on top of her tower of boxes.)
Bob: I bet you can to.
Peg: (placing a 2nd block on top of the 1st, she says: it’s got a be high.
Bob: oh, very high.
Peg: yeah. (Placing a 3rd 2 on top.)
Bob: wow!
Episode C: 1:26 – 2:04 It’s a Quare Scrow:
Peggy: it’s a quare scrow!
Bob: it’s a what?
Peg: quare scrow building.
Bob: a quare scrow building? Looks like a quare scrow? What’s a quare scrow for?
Peg: (not clearly articulated question: do you remember, in a field?)
Bob: oh, you have them in a field, and you know what they’re for?
Peg: yes.
Bob: what?
Peg: (unclear articulation; sounds like: I took a crow.
Bob: I don’t understand.
Peggy: (balancing on the floor and smacking it as she does so) –
Bob: are they for scaring away birds?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: yeah. I think you’re right.
Peg: but we don’t have a, (pointing the tower of boxes), quare scrow, there on the blocks tower.
Peggy: (phrase, very difficult to interpret;)
Bob: (beginning a new theme –)
Episode D: 2:05 – 2:40 Building a Tower with Cups: little interest
Episode E: 2:41 – 3:14 Blowing Down a Boxes Tower:
Bob: somehow they have to stick together. Let me show you a good trick, Peggy.
Peggy: (moving in her own direction, regardless of what Bob says, she begins an attempt to go down the tower.
Bob: Peggy, watch my good trick. – If they fit very good, you can make them stick, like that.
Peg: (she continues huffing and puffing on the boxes tower; some un-interpretable phrases.
Bob: the puppy dog is going to blow down my tower? Okay.
Peggy: (she continues, as before.)
Bob: (pointing at the top tiny block, he asks: when it to blow on this one, up here?
Peggy: (she tries.)
GPL: so he puffed and he huffed and he huffed and he puffed, …
Peggy: (continuing to blow in the tower…)
Bob: you got that tower real good. – – Maybe you’ll have knock it down.
Episode F: 3:15 – 4:15 Knocking Down the Tower, then Rebuilding one together:
Peggy: flicking the top cube off with her finger, then the next 3 blocks, – – and followed by the 2 top boxes,
Bob: that’s pretty effective.
GPL: heads up!
Bob: okay, let’s get these out-of-the-way, unless – –
Peggy: (tapping the top of closed face of box 2, she says, approximately; let’s build another tower.
Bob: go ahead.
Peggy: okay. (Adding box 3, now selected box C, to the existing to box tower, she puts it in place with closed face upward; as she reaches for box 4 – –
Bob: asks: you want this piece? (Offering her box 4.)
Peggy: yeah. (She installs it directly on the closed face of box 3 in a tower.)
Peg: (continuing without interruption, she selects ball A, ball one, from the toy tray.
Bob: (selecting and racing to her attention is large alphabetic block, he asks: what about this big piece, will it go on?
Peg: (she tries it between the raised edges of box 4, but it does not fit so well.) Yeah (7 with no enthusiasm.)
Bob: that does not fit so well as a small one you used it before.
Peggy: (removing inverted box 4, she puts the ill fitting to on the closed face of box 3, and asks: is that okay?
Bob: it’s okay, if you want to do it that way.
Peg: (she tries installing box 4 on top of the block, but it does not fit well; when she lets go it falls of the floor.)
Bob: I think it was probably better the other way, that you had it before, so let’s put it back Way. (Restoration proceeds to former state.)
Peggy: (uncertain transcription: let’s put it high.)
Bob: high,.. And here’s a biggie – – well, it’s a very big.
Peg: thank you. (Placing the tube on top of the boxes tower.)
Bob: you’re welcome.
Peg: (as she places a tiny block on the top of the boxes tower) – –
Bob: what a biggie!
Episode G: 4:15 – 5:08 Final Tower Addition:
Bob: (whispering, in a conspiratorial tone: hey, I got an idea! – – As he picks up a long cylinder.
Peggy: what?
Bob: (reaching the long thin cylinder to the top of the boxes tower – – as if it were an extended radio antenna – – he says: let’s put this on top.
Peg: no.
Bob: no? Yes?
Peggy: (nodding her head yes, despite having said no.
Bob: you think it will stay up there? (With the cylindrical stick in place he let’s go carefully and makes an inarticulate noise.)
Peg: (obviously delighted, nonetheless, she bounces and slaps her hands on the floor as if to vibrate the tower so that it fails.)
Peg: (returning to an earlier distractive method, she rises to blow down the tower. Her 1st effort succeeds and the cylindrical stick falls the floor. This is followed by enthusiastic clapping.
GPL: I thought the puppy dog go blow that one down.
Peg: (rising to the tower again she focuses her wind energy on a tiny, top block of the tower; it falls to the floor.
Peggy: pointing to the cube on the floor, she says: I got that one down. With more effort, she succeeds and by the next 2 off the top of the tower. (She breaks out in laughter – – but her next effort does not succeed. Consequently, she just whacks the 2 top blocks and knocks them off the tower. Continuing her destruction, she attacks boxes 4 and 3 knocking them to the floor.
Bob: okay.
Peg: (selecting ball one, she places that on top of the closed face of box – what remains of the tower, saying: put. She removes it immediately, replacing it with a block, once again says: put.
Bob: what’s this. (As he covers the block on top of the tower with box 3.)
Peggy: no (she objects, lifting box 3, then rescuing the block, replacing box 3 and putting the block on top of it.) On top of!
Episode H:

Panel P150, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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