P141C3: Standard Objects (3), 23mb

P141C3 Clip Notes

Notes: 5:02 by Analyst, 3/18/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; Miriam on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 1:07
Peggy’s initiative
Bob: (removing the the lowest ring; the conical shaft is empty) now think about this. (Pushing the ring tower base over close to Peggy) which one do you want to have go on the bottom?
Peggy: (selecting ring A equal ring 2; she puts it on the cylindrical shaft, saying: I think that goes on the bottom there. She pushes the ring down as far as it will go.)
Bob: pointing at the gap between the ring and the base) but it doesn’t go all the way down, see.
Peggy: (leading over to look at the gap, Peggy says: Yep. ) (Selecting ring B equal ring 3, as she slips the ring on the conical shaft she says: that goes way down. She tilts her head sideways to see if there is a gap between the 2 rings, and says: ‘at better.)
Peggy: (selecting ring C equal ring 0, Peg puts the ring on the conical shaft, saying: and that does.)
Peggy: (selecting the closest ring D equal ring 5, she adds it to the stack on the conical shaft, saying: this does.)
Peggy: (selecting the next closest ring E equal ring 6, she gets it on the shaft with some difficulty, saying: that does. See.)
Peggy: (selecting the final ring F equal ring 4, she puts it on top of the stack, even though only the on top of the conical shaft is visible.) (Uncertain phrase: that has room. ??)
Bob: (pushing the final ring F gently with his finger, he pushes it off the top of the stack.) That can go off real easy though. (Bringing out an extra small ring G equal ring 6, Bob asks: where does this one go? )
Peggy: (taking ring G, she puts it on top of the stack, saying: there.)
Bob: (picking up the former ring F, now ring H equal ring 4, Bob asks: why isn’t there room for this?)
Peggy: pointing at, touching the top of the stack, she says I think it goes there.
Bob: inserting ring H in the gap at the bottom of the stack, he says: I think it goes there.
Peggy: First, leaning over to look at the gap, she rises up, again touching tapping twice the top of the stack she says: I think it goes there.
Bob: following her direction, he places ring H on top of the stack, pushing it gently, watches it fall off. He says: but it falls off, so easy.
Peggy: again putting ring H on top of the stack she says: I like it being like that. (?? or: I can bring it up there.)
Bob: (chuckling) you can, huh?
Peggy: (she reaches out, it with a strong flick of her fingers, knocks it over to Bob.)
Bob: okay, let’s put this aside (pulling the stack away from the space between them). What can we do with these other things, here?)
Peggy: (tilting her head to the side, putting her hand up to her hair, she whimpers weakly.)
Bob: (relenting immediately, he returns the ring tower, asking: you want to play with this more?
Episode B:
1:08 to 2:19
Bob’s intervention
Peggy: (drawing the ring tower to her, she smiles broadly; retrieving the ring 4 that fell off the top of the stack, she says: and I can get that onto.)
Bob: (sliding another small ring to her, he asks: can you tell me something? Which one of those rings is the biggest one of all?)
Peggy: touching ring 0 with ring 4 in her right hand, she says: that one.
Bob: can you point to it with your finger?
Peggy: with her left hand, Peggy reaches out and touches ring 0.
Bob: reaching out and touching ring 0, he asks: this one right here?
Peggy: Yep.
Bob: which one is the tiniest? – – Oh, that’s too hard, because 2 of them are the same. (He takes one of the small rings from the top of the stack and removes it from the context). I’ll hide this one. Which ones is the tiniest now?
Peggy: (removing rings from the cylindrical shaft, Peggy verbally identifies the 1st one removed as the tiniest, then the 2nd ring removed as the tiniest, and also the 3rd ring is identified as the tiniest.
Bob: so we got 3 tiniest?
Peggy: Yep. (Selecting ring A equal ring 4, she returns it to the conical stack, and says: a bigger one.)
Bob: well, which is the biggest one of all?
Peggy with both hands touching ring equal 0, she says: there.
Bob: (intervening) let’s keep these off for a bit. (Bob removes ring 4 from the stack, and also the ring under it, ring 0.) Which is the next biggest one? (Picking up ring 0, Bob asks: if I take this went away, Peggy, which is the biggest one now?
Peggy: (pointing at ring 0 hidden in Bob’s hand) that one.
Bob: let me hide this. (He slips is arm around behind him, and says: which is the biggest one now?
Peggy: (once more producing a whimper she murmurs; I want it back. ??)
Bob: (relenting immediately) oh, I’m sorry, here. There it is. (Sliding the ring with in her reach.)
Peggy: (with the ring now in both her hands) I think it’s not,… I think there’s not… Any bigger one. I think there’s not a bigger one.
Bob: (apparently misunderstanding her) oh, I think it is.
Episode C:
2:20 to 3:42
Throwing and Spinning Rings
Peggy: (spinning ring 0 different ways) set down. Around.
Bob: (spinning ring 0 with a little more skill; the ring continues to rotate for a while.)
Peggy: (in her turn, Peggy raises ring 0 about a foot and drops it to the floor.) I think it goes that way. (With the ring bouncing in between them, Peggy then knocks it over to Bob.
Bob: (spinning ring 0) I like the way it spins like that.
Peggy: (picking up a smaller ring) I like my own. (Selecting one of 2 rings close by, she lifts and drops the ring from her shoulder height. It bounces, and then begins to spin.)
Bob: hey! That was nice.
Peggy: (very pleased with herself; Peggy reaches out to recover the ring, while Bob again spins ring 0).
Peggy: (ring 0 spins over towards Peggy) it’s coming back to me. (Again lifting the ring then throwing it, she says: I’ll make it go around.
Bob: (floor ring 0 spins down, Bob says: you do that very well.)
Peggy: (nodding her head in agreement, she says: yeah.)
Bob: I’m surprised how well that works. (When his current spin stops, Peggy takes ring 0.)
Peggy: (laughing, lifting the ring she drops it; it does not spin.)
Bob: but sometimes it doesn’t work.
Peggy: (trying again, Peggy lifts the ring and throws it down with more vigor; the ring does spin well.)
Bob: most of the time it does work though.
Peggy: (very pleased, she says quietly: yeah.)
Bob: (sliding ring 0 to Peggy) can you put all of those on?
Peggy: (lifting and dropping ring 0, tries to spin it again; with some success, she also drops the ring 4 in her right hand, which rolls a bit and stops. Peggy then lifts both rings at once and drops both rings at once saying: these 2 mine, go. ) (With only limited success, Peggy lifts then throws ring 0 more vigorously.)
Bob: (attempting to interrupt a continuation of any more throwing) I’ve got an idea. Are you willing to try an idea of mine?
Peggy: Okay.
Episode D:
3:43 to 5:02
Rings and Balls: Bob’s instruction…
Bob: (bringing forward ring 0 and a ping pong ball, while dropping the ball he says: you see how this one goes through here?) (He offers the ball to Peggy, and asks: does it go through any others?
Peggy: pointing at the hole of the ring 4 in her hand, she says: there. It goes through there.
Bob: it does? Let’s see. (dropping the ping-pong ball on the ring, it does not fit through the hole.) Bob asks: how about the ones on there? (Pointing to the rings on the conical stack.) Will it go through any of those?
Peggy: (removing the topmost ring 6, she puts it on the floor and says: it won’t go through the tinies.)
Peggy: (she moves ring 6 next to ring 4, and moving the ball shows that it will not go through the smallest ring 6.) See. (Uninterpretable phrase.)
Bob: yes, it doesn’t go through the tinies.
Peggy: where a bigger one?
Bob: (holding up ring 0, then pointing to the conical shaft) here’s one bigger one. How about those?
Peggy: (removing the yellow ring equal 3)
Bob: will it go through those?
Peggy: (picking up the ping-pong ball) yes, it does. (The ball does not go through)
Bob: no, that doesn’t go through the yellow.
Peggy: (while she is removing the orange ring equal 2, the ball rolls away; she throws the orange ring in that direction; it spins a bit.
Bob: let’s see. Will it go through there? Is that a big one?…Let’s see if it goes through there, Peg.
Peggy: (she tosses another ring to make it spin)
Bob: are you going to try it?
Peggy: (playing with her hair, whimpering quietly, she sucks on her fingers)
Bob: No? Okay. I’m sorry. I don’t want to push you. I want you to have a good time, right?
Peggy: Yeah.
Bob: you smiling at Mimi?
Peggy: I play with my ‘periment. Mimi might play with us.
Bob: you think she might?
Peggy: (quietly) yeah.
Bob: well, I don’t know. Do you want to Miriam?
Miriam: yeah.
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P141, Social Interaction Development, Vocal Communication, Object Exploration

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