3V1238.01 Debugging Spellings (6/13/81)

Peggy copies the cards letter by letter, but sometimes she copies wrong. For example, after we returned from the hospital with Kate and Gretchen, and I loaded procedures, Peggy executed WORLD, SUN, UP (many times) then PAINT GREEN; she then tried “VAN”, a familiar shape but a less familiar word; because it was lying upright on the floor, she keyed V, S, N and ‘do it.’ Logo returned the message, “You haven’t told me how to ‘VSN.’

Peggy was really turned off and complained that Logo didn’t know what she meant, “It didn’t work.” As in other cases, I pointed out explicitly her specific error. Later on, Peggy typed “DOWNN”, trying to get her “VAN” down to the road. When the message appeared, she complained, “It didn’t work! (then, looking again) Oops. I got two N’s.” That is, when the same failure appeared, she imitated my analysis.

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