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The general purpose of this appendix is to broaden the characterization of Miriam’s intellectual performances in such a way as will permit comparison and contrast with others. Many of us have observed young children learning to read and to write. For that reason I include material on these themes here, although it is not integrated with other studies of this book. The cognitive profile which follows the language oriented studies will help to place Miriam with respect to a series of well known experiments from the Piagetian repertoire. The appendix includes a detailed analysis of Miriam’s performance on the Stanford-Binet IQ test. The value of this material is less to place Miriam on a linear scale with other children (though it does do so) than it is to relate her performance on that test to the particulars of her experience.

Reading Skills, A summary.
For a detailed evaluation see Reading in Academic Tasks of “The Profiles.”
There also see Arithmetic, Puzzles, and Her Past at Logo.

Introducing Writing with a Computer, SIGCUE version.

A Cognitive Profile at 6;0 a 5 page summary published in the book
For detail of a dozen plus Piagetian Tasks, see LC2cT3 Profiles

The Binet Test Detail, LC2aO1 Access to these details is password protected.

See also: Building Interpretations from corpus detail.

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