PG11C: Large Number Names, 9.5mb

PG11C Clip Notes

Notes:n:nn by Analyst, R W Lawler, 4/4/2018
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: Bob (presenting the little tablet with magnetic numbers on it), I want you to read this number, and I didn’t want you to see it before.
Peggy 1492
Bob that’s one number. Let’s see if I can dig up another one. 1492, how about this number?
Peggy (putting her hand to her head as Bob places the number three on the magnetic board) three, (and, as Bob places a zero in place after the three), 30, (then when Bob and send nine following the zero), 39.
Bob (removing the number 1492; moving the 309 to the top of the magnetic board) you say that’s a 39, correct?
GPL right. (Speaking to Katie), we’ll stop soon to have some lunch.
Bob (taking the magnetic board in his lap), I’ll make this number up here, it’s a little tricky reaching over there to do it (speaking to Katie now), Katie come out of the way now.
Peggy (reading correctly) 1066.
Bob 1066, oh yeah. (Katie complains). What’s the matter Katie?
Katie (incomprehensible utterance)
GPL she wants some bread.
Bob well, you’ll have to get that soon.
Peggy and lunchtime.
Bob (presenting the panel with the numbers 1940) this is a good year, I know-
Peggy 1940.
Bob 1940?
Peggy (changing her answer) eight. Is it 1948?
Bob is that 1940, or is that 1948?
Peggy 1940.
Bob you know what’s memorable about that year?
Peggy 1980?
Bob no. You know what you should remember about that year? I was born in that very year. Yet it’s true. (To Katie: Katie, get your head out of the way. Katie starts crying) I’m sorry Kate. You just don’t understand the problem.
Peggy (as Bob assembles a new number, Peggy comments on the four digits from 1940) there’s a one and nine before and the zero. Like this, you do a special.
Bob (placing the magnetic board before her) can you tell me what this number is?
Peggy 2010 (GPL zooms the camera to clarify the number).
Bob (pointing at the digits) do you think that could be the number of a year?
Peggy (shaking her head no and sucking on her fingers; making negative noises).
Episode B:
Episode C:
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel PG11, Reading, Adding with Fingers, Social Interactions

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