3V0495.05 Foxy Coming around the corner of the butcher block, when I called her because of a splashing noise, Peggy hove into view carrying her toy fox. I asked her if she had been ” giving Foxy a drink” She dropped it in my lap and said “Fox.”


3V0495.04 “Who’s Peggy?” (She points to herself: [That]) (6/1/79) Later Peggy sat in my lap. Among other games, I asked her, “Who’s Peggy?” She replied by raising her right hand behind her ear, with her forefinger extended, and touched her head, saying “That” very definitely.


3V0495.03 Putting herself into things: hats and more (6/01/79) Peggy has played with Robby’s Boston Red Sox protective helmet. The children or I place it on her head when she brings it to us – and replace it when it falls off, as it always does. Peggy extracted a large colander from those low shelves, …

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3V0495.02 Pretending; incorrect choice as a joke (6/01/79) Late in the afternoon I found myself waiting at home for two telephone calls while Gretchen took the cub scouts on a trip. Peggy played in my care and during the hour and more the following incidents occurred: Pretending: Peggy of pulls dishes and other utensils from …

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3V0495.01 Spills: Peggy mopping them up (6/1/79) Spills, of course, are common with Peggy. Today she got some milk on the floor. Somehow she got a towel (probably a regular cloth one from the refrigerator door handle) and mopped at the spills on the floor. We gave her a paper towel to work with. thereafter, …

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3V0494.02 [That’s a good girl] (5/31/79) I was working in the kitchen. Peggy went around to the stairs, rattled the gate (I don’t know if it was open or closed), then said quite slowly and distinctly “That’s a good gir-l” (making two syllables of the last word). Gretchen.


3V0494.01 Speech as intensifier of interactions; interrelations of idioms, names, prosodics (5/31/79) HOW’S THAT? (cf. toe grabbing, 5/22) — Peggy continues to grab my foot and shake it when I prop one leg up over the other. She laughs delightedly whenever I cry out in surprise and mock distress /ah ah/. Sometimes I don’t respond …

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3V0493.01 Fragmentary sound knowledge contrast to prosodics (5/30/79) Diaper = /dai/ — Peggy needed changing this morning — so I believed — and Gretchen upstairs agreed to do it. Peggy was complaining loudly, toddling around and smacking her plastic pants. To make certain, I asked, “What do you want, Peggy?” She replied [die] (/dai/) and …

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3V0492.01 New Car Seat Opens up Peggy’s World (5/29/79) Ever since the children got some real bargains at a tag sale last summer, they have been followers of local tag sales. They take whatever cash they can scrape up and spend it all, giving away their loot in case they can not imagine a use …

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3V0491.02 [Mommom, mo] (05/28/79) Waving her milk cup at me, Peggy said, “Mommom, mo’.” (unclear if that last meant ‘more’ or ‘milk’)


3V0491.01 Peggy hiding by closing her eyes; no sense of how others see her (5/28/79) Peggy likes to hide and play chase. The way she hides is reminiscent of playing peek-a-book [sic]. She will run to the corner of a wall and its perpendicular projection and put her head in the corner. When I cry …

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