P152E: Standard Objects: nesting cups and towers of boxes, 26mb

P152E Clip Notes

Notes:5:38 by Analyst, 4/22/14/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; Miriam on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 2:23
Peggy solves the nesting cups puzzle
Episode B:
2:24 to 4:21
When Peggy wants to do the nesting cups puzzle again, Bob encourages her to build a the tallest tower she can from the same cups. Peggy proceeds to solve the nesting cups puzzle again.
Episode C:
4:22 to 5:10
Bob introduces the nesting boxes for variety, expecting Peggy to nest them. She proceeds to build a tower from the four boxes.
Bob: (sliding the set of 4 nesting boxes towards Peggy, he asks: can you do that with all these things?
Peg: I’ll try. (Four boxes are on the floor; two larger boxes have their closed faces up. The 2 smaller boxes have their open faces up. Peg selects box A, box 4, and sets it on top of the closed face of box 2. As she does so she emits a little squeal that seems to signal a new idea – – for she reaches out with her other hand to select box B, box 3. She places box B on top of the closed face of box 2 – at 1st putting down box B with its openface upward, then immediately turning it over so it’s closed face is upward. Peggy proceeds to select box C, box 4 now.
Bob: what are you doing?
MRL: (speaking from behind the camera) she’s building a tall high tower.
Peg: (reaching around her 3 box tower, Peg holds box D, box 1, closer to her, then disassembles the 3 box tower saying: Oo, , no, no. I can’t do it like that way.
Peg: (selecting box A – by default as the base of the tower – box 1, she selects box B, box 2, and sets it on top of the closed face of box A, saying: can do it like this way. She continues, selecting box C, box 3, putting it on the closed face of box B, then finishing her tower by selecting box D, box 4 for the top.) These box can fit just – – I made a tower, daddy.

Bob: (he adds a wooden block on top of her box D, then passes to her another block, slightly smaller, which she puts on top. Bob adds a tiny block at the end.
Peg: (proceeds to flick off the tower 1st the blocks on top, and then the boxes underneath.

Episode D:
5:10 to 5:38
When Bob tries again with a goal of a tower of cups, Peggy starts nesting them then redirects into counting them.
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P152, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction

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