3V0744.01 A catalog of the kinds of things Peggy says (2/24/80)

2/5 “mama, look…did it.”
2/6 (Asking for cookies, and being told the wrapper was empty and the cookies all gone.) “Robby’s eat it.”
2/7 “Lookit…Lookit that”
2/9 (Rummaging around the bookshelf) Where Pony is ? [ie a book called “Little Black, a Pony.”]
2/11 “Me did it.’
2/12 (Watching Miriam put food on her – Peggy’s- plate: “More noo-noo… More noo-noo… More noo-noo plate.”
ca 2/19 (Coming down Stepstone Hill, Peggy wanted to stop at Gordy’s):
“Pop-pop…get (or give) pop-pop me!…get me pop-pop.
2/23 (unhappy, wanting to get up on the bed: “Pick me up.” (She has also offered me a toy or book,
remarking “Pick oo up.” (referring to the object). Gretchen.

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