P112B1: Standard Objects, 15mb

P112B1 Clip Notes

Notes: 3:11 by Analyst, 4/7/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 – 0:25
Ring Tower:
Peg: (crawling on the floor, approaching the toy tray, she asks two questions which are unclear, but which apparently Bob misunderstands. Peggy’s mother’s name is Gretchen. It is certainly credible that she understands and speaks the word mother. That’s the basis for the following interpretation.)
Peg: where’s Gretchen?
Bob: what did you say?
Peg: ma mother.
Bob: where’s another?
Peg: (the ring tower is on the floor on the right: rings A equal ring 0 and ring B equal ring 4 are on the conical shaft. Selecting ring C equal ring 6, she puts it on the conical shaft as she says: here’s ‘ nother.
Bob: That’s pretty good.
Peg: (lifting ring A, she is not able to force up ring B; dropping ring A, she grasps ring B, trying to lift it. Then with more determination, she uses two hands, trying to force rings B and C together. The next attempt is to push ring B down on the conical shaft. it does not work.
Peg: (she turns her attention to other objects in the toy tray.)
Episode B:
0:26 – 1:02
Three Balls:
Episode C:
1:03 – 1:26
Bob’s Hands as Holders & Numbers:
Episode D:
1:27 – 2:00
Controlling Three Balls:
Episode E:
2:01 – 2:37
How Many Does X Have?

Episode F:
2:38 – 3:11
Showing a Good Trick:
beanbags stop balls from rolling away
Episode G:
Episode H:
conversations with limited comprehension

Panel P112, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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