Peggy Study, Panel P082 Themes: Reading, Talking, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 8/20/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P82A1 Reading, w/GPL, 23mb P82A2 Reading, w/GPL, 14mb P82B Putting-On, 18mb P82C1 Standard Objects, 19mb P82C2 Standard Objects + Book, 35mb P82D1 Standard Objects, 11mb P82D2 Standard Objects, 24mb


3V0579.02 Door shut on foot : 08/24/79; Yesterday Peggy, Miriam, and I drove downtown. We stopped at Gordy’s and I left the two of them in the car. When I returned, Peggy was crying lustily and Miriam explained that she (Miriam) had opened the door and closed it again on Peg’s foot. Today I said …

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3V0579.01 “On, on on” : 08/24/79; Later the next day, while Gretchen rubbed some lotion on herself after a bath, Peggy, sitting on the bed, pointed repeatedly at her own thighs and said repeatedly “on, on, on.” (The tone and gesture made this imperious rather than declarative.)


3V0578.02 “On” : 08/23/79; Peggy [sat] on the bed today, playing with her feet. Examining the soles at one point, she caught my eye and pointing to the considerable patina of dirt (she goes barefoot), said very precisely “on” as she touched the sole.


3V0578.01 Up: [up] different use; spontaneous on sitting up: 08/23/79; Playing with me on my bed, Peggy, after lying on her back at one point, rose with her normal difficulty to sitting and said to herself, “Up.” 08/27 — Playing with a matchbox racer, Peggy pushed the little car along the floor, up the vertical …

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3V0576.01 Up: [up] two examples of spontaneous use.: 08/21/79; Today Peggy came to me, held up her arms, and said, “Up.” I picked her up. 08/28 — As I wrote the above, Peggy came over to the bed, sketched a climbing motion, and said, “Up.” Gretchen.


3V0575.01 “Duff”: 08/20/79; Peggy has been imitating words we speak (usually the last one of an utterance) for quite some time. If I note anything special about this imitation now, it is its becoming so pervasive as to be the norm in her response now. When offered some cake this evening, Peggy responded /***/ to …

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3V0574.02 “One” : 08/19/79; Peggy has begun using the sound “one” to indicate that she wants some particular thing. The use may have come from my giving her one cookie for one hand and one cookie for the other (cf. VT P82 for her counting 3 bean bags as one…one…SZBTFG[?]). Today, requesting a cookie, she …

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