P049F2: Pointing, with Pictures, 8mb

P049F2 Clip Notes

Notes:1:50 by Analyst, 2/25/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Pointing, at Pictures
Actors,Aims Peggy alone, with wall pictures, objects; Bob on camera. Show duration of the “impure point.
Episode A: Peggy: (holding up a small block for Bob to see)
Bob: that’s a nice little block, isn’t it?
Peggy: (inserting the block completely in her mouth)
Bob: it fits entirely in your mouth.
Peggy: (keeping the block in her mouth, and making noises, she turns to look at other blocks between her feet)
scurry: (shaking, makes the bells on her collar ring)
Episode B:
at 0:13
Peggy: (looking up at a picture on the wall, removes the block from her mouth and speaks) that… That (to Bob, then turns back to the wall) that. (Reaching her arm, she points with her left hand outstretched)
Bob: you see the pictures of the foxes again?, Yes you do.
Peggy: (while Bob speaks, Peggy relaxes her arm and shows that all the fingers of her left hand are outstretched but separated)
Bob: that’s what they are, they’re foxes.
Peggy: (pointing now at something else, up high in the two-story room, she points with two fingers of her right hand, extended and joined, which is shown clearly as she rotates and brings her hand down into a side view.)
Peggy: (her attention turns again to the Fox family picture on the wall, and crawling towards the wall she says repeatedly) that… That… That.
Bob: yes, there are many pictures on the wall, sweetie. That’s right.
Peggy: that!
Bob: that is a Fox, mommy and baby Fox, indeed.… Peggy, Peggy, will you come back and play with these toys?
Peggy: (pointing again at the pictures on the wall)
Bob: you see the pictures of the foxes again, come on back, Peg, (calling) Peggy, Peggy.
Peggy: (placing her hand on the top of her head, a familiar gesture, explained other places)
Bob: Hooray for Peggy!
Peggy: (scrouching right on her bottom, looking up) that!
Bob: (shifting camera focus to the Fox portrait on the wall) that’s another Fox up there? Yes, my goodness.
Peggy: (continuing to point with the two fingers of her right hand extended and joined) that!
Bob: that’s a Fox all right. And up higher we have other things.
Peggy: (turning again to the Fox family on the other wall) that.
Episode C:
at 1:19
Peggy: (crawling over to the objects on the floor, she brushes some blocks out of the way, and wacks a cylinder, which comes to Bob.)
Bob: here, let me roll that back to you. (The block is now in her reach)
Peggy: (she whacks the cylinder, attentively watching it as it rolls across the floor, toward the fireplace)
Peggy: (crawling over towards Bob)
Bob: Uh-oh. What are you doing, Peg? (As she crawls over, past Bob to the toy chest)
ending at 1:50
Object recognition by mouth inclusion; multiple examples of the “impure point”; rolling from action on circular objects

Panel P049, Communication & Pointing, Object Exploration, Family Interactions

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