articles in The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, edited by Robert B. Davis. ^
Wikipedia page for Bob Davis.

Editor’s introductory comments to three papers published in JMB:

editor's introductioneditor's introductioneditor's introduction

LC0aA1 Constructing Knowledge from Interactions
LC0aA2 Extending a Powerful Idea (at LC1bA4)
LC0aA3 Consider the Particular Case (at LC0bA4)
LC0aA4 Thinkable Models
LC0aA5 Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem

Analysis and Design For the articles below, see
LC0c AI&Ed/LC0c Analyses
Learning Environments: Now, Then, and Someday
Computer Microworlds and Reading
Shared Models: the cognitive equivalent of a lingua franca

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