3V0731.01 At the Childrens’ Museum (1/23/89)

Peggy and the rest of us came to Boston for her birthday. My reasons
for proposing this trip were that I though she would enjoy the infant’s
castle at the children’s museum, to introduce her to the Kuehnle’s, and
to introduce her to Logo. We all went to the children’s museum for
about an hour and a half. While the others roamed about at will, Peggy
and I stayed at the infant’s castle. I stayed out of her way, but joined in
play when ever she asked for help. She played with a toy ‘phone and a
set of plastic shapes that could be fitted together to make a string.
Other toddlers came in small numbers. Peggy was neither gregarious
nor inclined to avoid them. She played quietly, exploring the castle in a
low key way. The most exciting things to her were finding an armadillo
in an inset box with a glass front. Peggy called me to see it and
announced that she had found a ‘giraffe’. Later, the area suffered
invasion by a Brownie troop. The kids ran all over the place – for them
the slide was the main attraction. Robby and Miriam joined us. They
led Peggy up the two levels of the castle to the top of the slide and
taught her how to get started. She came down fast the first time and
inclined to fall backward. I caught her at the bottom. Many more
times she decided to slide when the deluge of brownies roared by.
That afternoon we had a small party at the lab. An ice cream cake went
far enough for all those we could scare up to have seconds and more.
A quiet, pleasant little party. In the evening, we went to Kuehnle’s
where Peggy was well behaved but quite inclined to pick up various
things they had left lying around.

Peggy slept with me overnight, hard getting to sleep because she was
over-tired. Peggy cried and carried on but slept soundly once
comforted. I recall little of Peggy’s activities the next day. She was
tended primarily by the kids and Gretchen.

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