3V0880.02 Reading a word/image: lighting & thunder from Tintin

Last night, after dinner, Peggy asked to sit in my lap, “Daddy, I sit you.”
First we read a Tintin cartoon book that was close at hand (The
Calculus Affair). We went over the first few pages identifying the
characters (Snowy, Tintin, Captain Hack-uck). I identified Nestor. She
described the use of the umbrella Nestor carried out in the raid — but
asked “What’s that?” pointing at a conventional representation for a
lighting strike on the next page: against a black sky, is a bright yellow
splash with the word , “CRACK” in large letters. I told her that was the
word “CRACK” and that it meant lightning struck. As we came to the
next such panel, I asked Peggy what that word meant and she sad
“crack.” Now Miriam came up and I explained Peggy has learned to
read a second word. Peggy obliged by responding “crack” when I asked
her about two such panels. Miriam (pointed?) to a similar image with
the word “BANG” in it, but I hurried past to avoid her confusing Peggy.
After two more questions and “crack” answers, I asked my question:
pointing to “crack” – “Does that say ‘Peggy Lawler’?” Peggy said gaily,
“Yeah.” I informed her, “No, Peggy Lawler is the words in the Benjamin
Bunny book,” where her name is written inside the cover.

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