Peggy Study, Panel P193 Themes: Social Interaction, TI-Logo Issues, Sharing & Counting Source: (Lawler); date: Title: Text commentary: These clips focus on Miriam and Peggy playing “together”; they revolve around a set of blocks purchased on a joint visit to the Boston Children’s Museum; also a TI-Logo session raises issues in child interaction with computers. …

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Peggy Study, Panel P187 Themes: Clay Play, Object Exploration, Social Interaction w/o Bob Source: (Lawler); date: tbd Title: Text commentary: These clips show Peggy trying to get the “right fit” or correspondence between different kinds of things; Bob is absent from this session. P187A1 Clay Play, 9mb P187A2 Clay Play, 24mb P187A3 Clay Play, 24mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P203 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction Source: (Lawler); date: 12/13/1981 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P203A1 Dancing, 8mb P203A2 Comments on Dancing, 2mb P203B1 Recognizing Printed Words, 23mb P203B2 Recognizing Printed Words, 25mb P203C 1-1 Correspondence, 23mb P203D Standard Objects + Kate, 24mb P203E Bob …

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Peggy Study, Panel P190 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction: Computer Use Source: (Lawler); date: 9/13/1981 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P190A1 TI-Logo Blocks, 24mb P190A2 TI-Logo Blocks, 19mb P190A3 TI-Logo Blocks, 15mb P190B Lincoln Logs, 28mb P190C1 Std Objects: Cups, 30mb P190C2 Std Objects: Boxes+, 7mb P190D Toy …

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Peggy Study, Panel P180 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction Source: (Lawler); date: tbd Title: Bringing Kate onstage, Problem Solving Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P180A With baby Kate, 22mb P180B1 Beam Balance, 20mb P180B2 Beam Balance, 16mb P180C1 Colored Blocks, 22mb P180C2 Colored Blocks, 11mb P180D Cuisenaire Rods, 26mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P177 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction Source: (Lawler); date: mid-Q14 Title: The BEACH Microworld, Standard Objects and Cuisenaire Rods, Introducing baby Katy Text commentary: These clips show Peggy’s comfortable use of the Beach microworld, at about 16-17 months of age. The computer used here, a TI-99 PC, was the MIT …

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Peggy Study, Panel P174 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction: Computer Use Source: (Lawler); date: tbd Title: Text commentary: The computer used here, a TI-99 PC, was the MIT Logo Project development machine; when the Lab shipped TI-Logo to Texas Instruments, Seymour Papert released the machine for use in my developmental study of Peggy …

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Peggy Study, Panel P167 Themes: Language development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions, Letters and Words Source: (Lawler); date: tbd Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P167A Letters & Words, 20mb P167B Discrete Substance, 30mb P167C1 Cuisenaire Rods, 24mb P167C2 Cuisenaire Rods, 12mb P167D Ring Tower, 21mb P167E Standard Objects, 18mb P167F Juggling, …

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Peggy Study, Panel P164 Themes: One, Two, Three Source: (Lawler); date: 3/15/1981 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P164A Shapes Families, 22mb P164B Colored Blocks, 34mb P164C Writing on Paper, 22mb P164D Plastic Letters, 34mb P164E Writing/Drawing, 15mb P164F Cuisenaire Rods, 15mb


Peggy Study, Panel P160 Themes: Typewriters & Letters, Puzzle Assembly, Order (Rods) & Classification (Shapes) Source: (Lawler); date: 2/15/1981 Title: Text commentary: These clips show language development and Peggy’s engagement with all these issues P160A Talk Snippet, 2mb P160B1 Typewriter, 20mb P160B2 IBM Selectric, 23mb P160B3 IBM Selectric, 21mb P160C School Bus Puzzle, 20mb P160D1 …

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P197, Peggy at 45 months (video): drawings, letters and spaces; toy people play; correspondence; ring tower+; colored blocks.


P170, Peggy at 39 months (video):letters and names; TI-Logo blocks; play with animals; play with blocks.


P157, Peggy at 3 years (video): standard objects, discrete quantity; cuisenaire rods; reading words; colored blocks; figure puzzle.


P184, Peggy at 3 and a half years (video): clay conservations; Legos; TI-Logo ABC program; the girl & the cow; letter words; standard objects.


3V1425.03 Puzzle: Donald Duck (12/17/81) Putting together a 48 piece Donald Duck puzzle has been one of Peggy’s main entertainments lately. At first she would simply grab a piece, wave it around, and ask, “Where does this go?” Someone would help her, and we would try to give her good tips — do the outside …

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3V1425.02 Writing: sending a letter through the mail I have been doing my Christmas Cards. After a while, Peggy brought the piano bench over to the typewriter because she wanted to write a letter. She typed several lines on a piece of paper (I don;t remember what she said they meant — it was nothing …

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3V1425.01 Singing: [If all the young girls were hares on the mountain…] (12/17/81) Peggy and I home and alone today. I heard Peggy singing to herself as she worked on something (her Donald Duck Puzzle, I think), “All the young girls…are mountains… and hares… all the young girls…like mountains… and hares…” Bob had played the …

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3V1421.01 Reading Test (in P203/K27) (12/13/81) In P203/K27 (which began with Peggy’s first captured dance), I gave Peggy a reading test based on two groups of words — the first from her reading of books; the second from her computer experiences. From the first group of words she recognized only “NO.” (Gretchen has been reading …

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3V1420.01 Turn” vs. “Truck” (12/12/81) Peggy played with BEACH world, put a ZOOMing SUN in the sky and so forth. She had some figures on a screen — I believe a ZOOMing MOON which she wanted to have move in the opposite sense. When she asked how to do it, I told her to look …

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3V1416.01 A Big Penny and a Little One (12/8/81) We went to Boston this day for a pre-Christmas visit. Rob hung around LCSI with me. Miriam took Peggy over to the Childrens Museum. Late in the day, the kids were going out with Greg to buy sodas and Peggy — of course — wanted to …

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3V1415.01 Reading Vocabulary (12/7/81) In P202, I gave Peggy her first “reading test.” She showed clearly that she recognized -in their very specific contexts- these words(19) : RECALL (by keying it) RECALLING (by contrast of the display screen) READING (on display screen, shares “ing” with recalling) BLOCKS (on tape cassette, keying, and on prompt card) …

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3V1414.01 Review of collapse of the Peggy study’s naturalistic observation (12/6/81) Our study of Peggy fell apart in August. Gretchen was overwhelmed by caring for the new baby and her other obligations. I prepared lectures for NYAS and San Diego, then took Robby with me on a three week tour. After my return, we have …

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3V1409.02 Doing School Work (12/1/81) As Robby and Miriam worked at completing their second Calvert Text, Peggy decided she too should do school work when they did. Consequently, she found (or was given) a work book and was given a set of crayons which she applied there to. She even remarked to Gretchen at one …

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3V1380.01 Drawing and Writing (11/2/81) Peggy has made many drawings lately, of which I have saved a large number, writing down her explanations as made and dating them. This is a small but important collection for documenting Peggy’s developing command of writing. On this day, Peggy wrote a “message” on one piece of paper, showed …

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3V136801 Tri-color Ribbon (10/21/81) Lately I purchased a recording “The Uprising of 1916,” and we have played it occasionally. One pretty song has the refrain “all around my heart I wear a tri-colored ribbon-oh.” Peg has begun singing the song also. We drove down town this day and somehow or other Peggy brought up this …

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3V1364.01 The Effect of my New York Job (10/17/81) While we had not yet located a place for our Logo Center, I was reluctant for Peggy to travel into New York. There has been no place for me at the NYAS (no desk, not even a chair to sit on) and I only go there …

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3V134001 Concrete situation and recalling lyrics from “The Jug of Punch” (9/23/81) Peggy having applesauce. She remarked “Let’s see…I have my spoon and bowl… As I was sitting with my spoon and bowl, I heard a small bird singing in a naval berth [?] and he sang the Jug of Punch.” Gretchen. The original lyric: …

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3V1332.01 More Singing: “ahem, ahem” (9/15/81) Peggy singing: “Ahem, ahem” something like “My mother’s gone to church…. She told me not to play with you or let you eat my margarine.” the verse goes something like this: ahem, ahem, me mother has gone to church. She told me not to play with you because you’re …

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3V1328.01 Peggy’s First Day at School (9/11/81) Robby and Miriam both enjoyed the North Guilford Nursery School, so it seemed natural that we should enroll Peggy there too. This first day was a pleasant one — a short family visit. Gretchen, Rob, Miriam, Kate and me all came along. Peg had a good time playing …

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3V1322.01 Making up Names: frequent activity of uncertain import (9/5/81) Peggy has been making up many names (the context escapes me now, but I imagine those names as applied to her toys), examples are “pooski” and “poo-me-yeh.” I noted this on the chalkboard not because I could make anything of it, but because she did …

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3V1288.01 Pathetique Sonata: Peggy’s valuation (8/2/81) I began to play the adagio cantabile from Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata. I was amazed and delighted at Peggy’s spontaneous comment that the song was very beautiful.


3V1286.01 Singing: a mnemonic method for Peggy; her catalog (1/31/81) This is a very important method of recalling, perhaps even thinking, for Peggy. Let’s try to list her songs: The FOX – her oldest favorite; well known lines and jungles The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly (Burl Ives movie sound track) New York, New …

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3V1284.01 “Supposed to” (7/31/81) This phrase seems to carry a lot of meaning for Peggy — almost a weight equivalent to natural law. I can now no longer recall the particular application Peggy made of this phrase. note written 8/30/81


3V1277.01 First nearly complete Alphabet song (7/22/81) Peggy is much interested in the alphabet. Recently she sat on the couch reading Richard Scary’s book, saying what the letter picture correspondences implied, “A is for Apple,” etc. Getting stuck once or twice she asked me to tell her what was intended by the picture (eg. Q …

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3V1275.01 Computer “rods” (7/20/81) Seeing the trouble she had with the rods always falling over, I asked is a Rods microworld would be easier to manipulate and thus intellectually more accessible to her. So I proceeded to make one, substituting (a later idea) the blinking of numbers in place of partial blanks — that is …

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3V1271.01 Singing: [Come down the stairs…I never did intend to marry a soldier] Peggy started down the stairs and sang, “Come down the stairs, Pretty Peggy-O….I never did intend to marry a soldier…”


3V1270.01 Alphabets: the litany and “A is for Apple…” (7/15/81) Today Peggy was singing, chanting material about the alphabet. She has “ABCD” pretty well, but later on always goes “L-O-M-O-P” The similarity of M and N appears to confuse her. She also repeated several times, “A is for Apple, B is for Ball…”


3V1267.01 Computer-based cuisenaire rods (7/12/81) Peggy enjoyed playing with the Cuisenaire rods during out experiment P181. Either in that one or the next P182, Peggy first accomplished a set of “stairs.” After the end of the experiment, she continued playing with rods and I heard her mention (at a point where she omitted the 3-length …

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3V1266.01 Implicit Instruction: speech generated alphabet (7/11/81) Peggy asked to play with the speech generator. I set it up and keyed in the alphabet — for no particular reasons other than to test it’s functioning — then realized that this extended symbolic object, of marginally greater interest to me than random letters, was now an …

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3V1265.01 Fireman’s Bazaar: a broken heart for Daddy (7/10/81) This evening the three children and I went to the fair. Robby and Miriam disappeared instantly and left me with Peggy. We watched some square dancers then sauntered over in the direction of the merry go round. Peggy’s eyes lit up and she asked if we …

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3V1264.01 TI Speech Editor (7/9/81) This limited function module appears to do no more that recite letter names. That, however, is now very interesting to Peggy. After watching Miriam and me play with it for a while, she asked to take over. It appears that any combination of letters not separated by a space or …

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3V1252.01 Pure Conditionals (6/27/81) Last observation was not accurate or complete. This becomes clear from a very surprising thing Peggy said as she and I had breakfast this morning (actually, I believe she finished first, then returned to the table): “Dad, if I want some orange juice?” I looked at her and asked, “What was …

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3V1247.02 Past tense and conditionals (6/22/81) For the past month or so, Peggy has been forming past tenses in the typical non-standard way — ie. RUN, RUNNED. (I will have to see if I can get her to discuss this in the next session, P181 now) — to get at the question raised by Seigler …

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3V1247.01 Computer as Word-tester (6/22/81) Peggy sorts through the cards of the BEACH WORLD – She read the card WORLD with a questioning tone in her voice, then adding “I’ll try it and see,” executed it with considerable satisfaction. Later, after creating some objects, she sorted through the cards and picked out DOWN. She acted …

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3V1246.01 Edit Shape 16: Miriam makes a pony shape for Peggy (6/21/81) Miriam made a PONY shape and procedure for Peggy’s BEACH WORLD. After I saved these on a tape and Miriam went away, Peggy took over her computer again, In the interim, somehow the shape had been cleared (perhaps a crash). At any rate, …

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3V1239.01 Discovering “Turn” (6/14/81) After what seemed initially an unproductive session (P177), Peggy discovered the word TURN. Looking through the RED lettered cards (probably for some other word) she selected and keyed it. The TRUCK (or VAN) which was the current objects reversed as directed and Peggy exclaimed, “It turned !” This does not argue …

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3V1238.02 Recalling a Word (6/13/81) Peggy just spelled ZOOM from memory. Two girl shapes were ZOOMing too close together. The FAST card sat nearby so I instructed Peggy to key it. With some trouble, she keyed that familiar word of unknown spelling, copying letter by letter. Disappointed that the current girl was going slow (fast …

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3V1238.01 Debugging Spellings (6/13/81) Peggy copies the cards letter by letter, but sometimes she copies wrong. For example, after we returned from the hospital with Kate and Gretchen, and I loaded procedures, Peggy executed WORLD, SUN, UP (many times) then PAINT GREEN; she then tried “VAN”, a familiar shape but a less familiar word; because …

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3V1234.03 Reading: one word at a time (6/9/81) Peggy played with the computer — off and on — during most of the day. Mostly she was “on.” (She even left the supper table to play with her “world”) although she took a break now and again to have a snack or to join Robby and …

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3V1234.02 Peggy’s Reception of Card-words (6/9/81) After setting up the world subsystem with last minute perfections, I went off to the dentist, leaving four sets of cards stacked separately near the computer with the WORLD word leaning against the front of it. I left with the WORLD display set up, with a HOUSE in place …

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