3V0374.01 Bad cold; general comments late in January 1979; (nominal date 1/31/79 added)

Late January — a bad cold. Peggy has been sick for a week and more. vomiting, diarrhea, a low fever, her cries even had to make do with a hoarse little voice. she slept a lot. Videotape session P53 fell under the cloud of Peggy’s cold. The pediatricians advised in several calls that they could do nothing to help her; both she and we had to bear her symptoms.

After the vomiting went on for a few days, it occurred to me that Peggy might also be allergic to some of her foods. She had begun, with the cold, drinking large quantities of orange juice. We stopped offering her that juice and her vomiting ceased. (This may, of course, be no more than a coincidence.)

Peggy’s voice came back by Saturday, 2/3, but she still seems to be needing longer naps than we had become accustomed to. Session P5 (2/5/79) was also a short one (note P54 is split on two tapes: P53 and TIS 76).

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