3V0585.01 TWO : [two]: counting puddles; spontaneous use: 08/30/79;

The kids and I went down to Bishops “Pick your own” raspberries.
While the older two picked, Peggy and I walked up and down the dirt
road to one side of the bushes. It had rained recently, and there were
puddles. Peggy and I pointed them out to each other. She told me
there was “water”, and I agreed, “Yes, puddles of water”. “Pud-duh”,
repeated Peggy. At a particularly big one, :There’s a big puddle,
Peggy”. After an instant, Peggy said “Doo”. Surely enough, there was a
second small puddle right next to the large one. “That’s right, Peg.
There are TWO puddles of water. One, two.” Gretchen.

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