Peggy Study, Panel P085 Themes: Scurry, Objects with Bob, Books with Gretchen Source: (Lawler); date: 9/10/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show pre-counting behavior and exploring insertion into and through a cylinder P85A Scurry & a Problem Solved, 12mb P85B1 Objects, Counting, 24mb P85B2 Objects, Counting, 20mb P85B3 Objects: ball & cylinder, 21mb P85B4 Objects: …

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3V0597.02 Gotcha: a game – shows fluidity of actions and control over them at the complete and partial changes of rules (see also P.85) Peggy has long played a game with me where she would come between my knees and I would give her a gentle squeeze, saying “gotcha”. Her control of the game was …

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3V0597.01 [sharp]: diaper pins This morning as I was changing her diaper, Peggy handed me a diaper pin with the observation [sha] (sharp). She has often been told about pins, but not recently.