3V0876.02 Roots of reading: recapitulation of Benj. Bunny

Peggy just said, “Bunny slid [/sit?] down in the road and went to Mister
Gregor’s house.” Peggy was, of course, looking at Benjamin Bunny, pp. 10-11.
The text is as follows:
“as soon as they had passed (The McGregors), little Benjamin Bunny
slid down into the road, and set off — with a hop, skip, and a jump —
to call upon his relations who lived in the wood at the back of Mister
McGregor’s garden.”

Peggy has recalled some of the salient points of the story, e.g.
destination, and has recalled her interpretation of some of the surface
text, e.g. Benjamin sit down in the road.” Putting them together at the
appropriate picture-cued point of the story, she constructed her “reading.”

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