Peggy Study, Panel P097 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 12/3/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show Peggy and her Mom for more than half the session. P97A Toilet Lesson, with GPL, 15mb P97B Interruption, Miriam, 5mb P97C1 Mixed Play, with GPL, 20mb P97C2 Toilet Play, with GPL, 21mb P97C3 Dress …

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3V0684.01 [Bye, Culdah] (12/7/79) Going out for a trip in the car, Peggy paused on the front porch to wave to Scurry, who was tied out on the other side of the drive, “Bye, Culdah.” Gretchen.


3V0683.02 Kicking and hurt feelings. (12/6/79 and earlier) Peggy’s control over her supports, her legs, has been of apparent and considerable interest to her, I recall her joy at being able to jump with both feet when first she could and, most recently (12/20 ff.), her tapping with one foot to music while standing [this …

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3V0683.01 CHIN: word learning and private review in play. (12/6-7/79) Peggy found an old doll of Gretchen’s in the basement. She brought it to Miriam (who was sitting in my lap) and me and began pointing to and naming what struck her — the dress, the hair, face parts — eyes, nose. I realized that …

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3V0679.01 OKAY: communication ending with acknowledgment (12/2/79) While I prepared a lecture, Peggy brought a toy to me and named (it) in her way of imploring me to play with her — Peggy: Train. Train. Bob: Take it out to Robby. Peggy: ‘Kay. (takes the toy to Robby. They play.) This very simple conversation show …

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