P140C2: Standard Objects(2), with toys: boxes, beanbags 15mb

P140C2 Clip Notes

Notes: 3:13 by Analyst, 4/26/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: 0:03-0:45 Peggy Introduces her Fisher-Price Truck-Camper:
Peg: (as interpreted: I think the mouse goes in it. She rises from the floor crosses to her toy box, offstage, and returns of the Fisher-Price truck – camper attachment for a pickup truck. In the process she says some words uninterpretable and then, almost whispering with excitement, Dad, look. Uninterpretable phrase, come to the dollhouse. She puts the camper on the floor by Bob’s knee, then steps over him and sits on the floor again.
Bob: well, I don’t understand what’s going on Peggy.
Peg: look, the mouse can go in there (as she rotates the camper and puts the mouse in through the door – even though the top is completely open.
Bob: the mouse goes in the dollhouse. Okay, fine. I guess mouses should live in houses. (He attempts to push the dollhouse back behind her and out of their shared space.
Peg: (bringing the camper – dollhouse back between them, she says: this is a horse… That’s a horse, Dad.
Bob: (holding the camper – dollhouse off the floor Square to the camera, he says to GPL: see this? This is a horse.
GPL: that’s a horse, huh?
Bob: (puts the camper – dollhouse back on the floor.
Episode B:0:46-1:37 Bean-Bags: Jungling and Counting:
Peggy: (bouncing two beanbags in her hands, she says: uninterpretable phrase; this would be a big beanbag. (They fall to the floor.)
Bob: you jungle gym those beanbags?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: (picking up to beanbags, he says: let’s see if I can jungle them.
Peggy: (laughing at his success with a few tosses)
Bob: can you do that?
Peggy: they go on the floor, like… This. (As she drops them from her raised hands.
Bob: (he tosses the two beanbags, letting them fall to the floor, as he says: so do mine. (He tosses the beanbags once or twice again.)
Bob: (says something that sounds like: they generally do. Then passes his to beanbags to peg.
Peg: (reaching out, she pulls the extra beanbags to herself and holds them in her hands with others.
Bob: do we give up?
Peg: (laughing, she puts some between her bare feet.)
Bob: now, can you convince me – can you count those and tell me how many you have?
Peg: (reflecting her action, she says: they’re all together between my feet’s.
Bob: yeah.
Peg: (picking up an alphabet block, she pounds the beanbags between her feet, saying: and this is unrecognizable – word (?? Sounds like dupple).
Episode C:1:38-3:12 Counting versus Correspondences
Bob: (switching materials, he asks, as he brings boxes forward: how many boxes do I have here, Peggy?
Peggy: (coming over to and looking inside the boxes, she points at the smallest box, 4, saying: 1. She then points at the larger box, 3, then touches it, saying: now, wait a second.
Peg: (she selects a large cup with a large ball in it, ball 1. She extracts the ball from the cup by pouring it into the largest of the 3 boxes, box 2.) That’s the big.
Peg: (reaching out to a smaller cup containing the middle ball, ball 2, she says: this one goes in here – at which point she pours that ball from the cup into box 3.
Peg: (selecting the cup with the smallest ball, ball 3, she pours bad into box 4, saying: and this is for the little one.
Bob: seems you’re right. (Camera close-up of the 3 boxes now containing the 3 balls.)
Peg: go in there ball (as she pours ball 3 from box 4 into the smallest cup – then bangs box 4 on the floor a few times.)
Peg: (she now returns ball 3 into box 4 saying unclearly; do there, ball. Looking up at Bob, she notes: it’s in.
Bob: you’re right. You sure are.
Peg: (selecting the medium sized box, box 3, she pours ball to from the box into the medium-sized cup, saying: this ball – or will – stays here.
Peg: (back to box 4, containing the smallest ball, 3, she pours that into the smallest cup, saying: she likes to – unclear phrase, not understood at the time.
Bob: (repeating what he thought he heard, seeking clarification; she likes the little cheese? – Is that what you said, cheese?
Peg: (shaking her head no and tapping the ball in the cup, she says: in that.
Bob: in that.
Peggy: (taking the largest ball, 1, from box 2, while looking at Bob she gestures to put the largest ball, 1, in the smallest box, 4, saying: eh?
Bob: should that go in there?
Peg: (she shakes her head no, definitely.
Bob: how do you know?
Peg: (phrase of unclear meaning, which sounds like: I bear down. – a meaning probably beyond her vocabulary at the time.)
Peg: (with ball one in her left hand, she selects the small cup containing ball 3 with her right hand, and attempts to poor it into box 4 – since the lip of the cup is at the middle of the box opening the ball just bounces off to the floor, saying: these will keep get their balls out.
Bob: (catching ball 3 as it bounces he holds it up above the box 4 saying: is that right?
Peg: put it – put it in.
Bob: (he does so.
Peg: (she tries to press ball one into box 4, despite ball 3 being contained in the box and occupying most of the volume. – Looking at Bob the while she does so.
Bob: (is she trying to answer his question with a concrete demonstration? He appears to assume so and asks: oh, that’s why it doesn’t go in?
Peg: Out. (Is the big ball a “lid” keeping the small ball in? Knocking something else on the floor, she rises saying: I’ve got to____.
Bob: okay. Let’s shut off the camera for a while.
Episode D:
Episode E:

Panel P140, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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