Pointing/Communication, Object Exploration


3V0309.03 Verbal imitation of “Thank you”: first addition of verbal communication to object based protocol. 11/27 THANK YOU — Peggy has been playing ‘giving’ with her pipe for several days with her grandmother. Edie would take the pipe from Peggy, pretend to puff, and return it with a “Thank you.” Yesterday, as she wheeled about …

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3V0309.02 Emergence of the Pure Point: pointing and eating: 11/27/78; As we discussed Peggy’s experiments with her grandmother at the dinner table, when Peggy pointed with her forefinger alone, I remarked to Edie that such an action was what Bruner called “a pure point” and explained our argument at DSRE awhile back. In this context, …

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3V0309.01 Standing in the crib; not knowing how to sit down: 11/27/78 Saturday afternoon, when her nap should have been coming to its natural end, Peggy started crying most vociferously and continued doing so until rescued. Going into the girls’ room, Gretchen found Peggy standing in the crib, grasping the top rail for dear life, …

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