P133F2: Standard Objects (2), Boxes, Sticks,
inclusion, Cups, 18mb

P133F2 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:05 by Analyst, 5/6/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; Miriam on camera.
Episode A: 0:03-0:21 Transition:
Bob: let’s put these away now (as he returns some objects to the toy tray).
Peg: no.
Bob: (putting the largest box, box 1, out of reach and out of sight, he removes the large ball from the largest box and puts it in the large box, box 2, saying: that can go there, right?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: (he puts the small box, box 4, in line with boxes 2 and 3) and that one can go in there (dropping the ping-pong ball in the smallest box, box 4)
peg: yeah! (Taking another bite of bread.)
Episode B: 0:22-1:52 Boxes and Sticks: Referring to members of a type
Bob: let me ask you something… Suppose you didn’t have balls, but you only had 3 sticks like that (now laying out 3 sticks on the floor between the boxes and the camera) where would they go?
Peg: (with bread still in her right hand, she picks up the 3 cylindrical sticks with her left hand, then turns back to Bob and holds them up to him, apparently offering one to him as a toy cigar, saying something very hard to interpret.)
Bob: no, I don’t want a cigar. I want you to put the sticks in the box.
Peg: (although the instructions were not specific, Peg proceeds to put one stick in each box; her method is to hold the collection of sticks over of box and drop one.)
Bob: (documenting her action and comments in this spoken report: Peggy said, as she put them over the boxes: the little one goes in the little box; as she was trying to put it in but she was unable to release them apparently.
Peg: (extracting sticks from boxes of the original trial, she sets them beside her left thigh then re-inserts them in a new order. Selecting stick one – the longest – she inserts that in the large box, box 2; next removing stick two – of medium length – from box 4, the smallest, she puts stick two by her thigh; then, she selects stick 3 the shortest and inserts it into box 3 the smallest; finally, stick to is inserted into the medium box, box 3. (Uninterpretable comment. She aligns the boxes closely as though finishing off the challenge and making her conclusion neat.)
Bob: well, let’s see. This is the big one, right? (As he lifts stick one from the large box, box 2.)
Peg: Yep.
Bob: (lifting the smallest stick, 3, from the smallest box, 4, he asks: does this have a name?
Peg: (shaking her head no –)
Bob: is that like, the tiny?
Peg: Yep.
Bob: (lifting the medium length stick, 2, at of the medium box, 3, he asks: what’s that one here?… If this is the biggie (lifting the longest stick) and and that’s the tiny (lifting the shortest stick) what’s that?
Peg: I don’t know. (She collects 61 and 2 in her left hand, since both together into the medium box, 3, and then moves stick 3 from the smallest box, 4, in with the other 2 sticks in box 3. (Unintelligible utterance: this sounds like a song, and unfamiliar one.
Peg: (again grasping all 3 sticks she lifts them out of the box and touches them gently to the floor, saying: Boop Boop Boop down the street. (This is based on Bob’s immediate repetition of her utterance.)
Bob: (see preceding utterance)
peg: (she once again returns the sticks to the boxes, in correspondence by size, using her prior technique of dropping sticks into the boxes from the 3 held in her left hand.)
Episode C: 1:53-2:15 Rejecting the Inclusion Challenge:
Bob: (returning the largest box, 1, from its hidden position he puts it in line with the other 3, and says: Peggy, you see these four boxes ? (now removing the 3 sticks from the 3 smaller boxes).
Bob: (reaching into his pants pocket, he pulls out a collection of stacked cups.) Now, look at these cups…. (Putting them on the floor in front of Peggy) you see how these cups all go inside? Can you make the 4 boxes go inside?
Peg: no. (She selects box 4 and puts it in the tray. Lifting boxes 2 and 3 together she adds them inside the toy tray, then reaches out to play with the cups.
Episode D: 2:16-4:05 Selecting Cups for Play: 3 balls and many cups
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P133, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction

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