3V0370.01 A cold & Shampoo cocktail (1/27/79)

Peggy has shown signs of an oncoming cold for more than a day. A running nose, coughing, difficulty sleeping, a fever of 101 degrees this morning — but more trouble was coming. While alone in her crib, during nap time, she apparently reached out to the sink and captured a bottle of Baby Shampoo. Gretchen found it in the crib with the cap off. Peggy had bubbles around her mouth, but it wasn’t possible to tell how much, if any, shampoo she had drunk. The cap was missing; Gretchen was first fearful that Peggy had swallowed it and was quite relieved to find it in a corner, under Miriam’s bed. The pediatrician speculated that Peggy had not drunk much shampoo and that if she had it would not have poisoned her — but since the label warned to keep it from children and we had some ipecac available, she recommended we induce vomiting as a cautious response. Poor baby.

1/28/79 – There appears to be no obvious consequences from Peggy’s trial of yesterday. Her voice is gone – or what there is, is hoarse, but her spirits are definitely improved and her temperature is normal again.

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