P129B3: Standard Objects: ring tower, 20mb

P129B3 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:17 by Analyst, 3/21/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors, Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 1:35
Ring Tower:
Bob: going to make your life easier. (Removing two large rings from the base of the ring tower conical shaft.) Gonna take those away. (Moving them out of the context to a nearby table.)
Bob: they are too big. (Jostling the rings remaining on the floor.) Can you put all these on there?
Peg: (picking up 2) they’re too big, dad.
Bob: are you sure? I don’t think they’re too big.
Peg: what? (Selecting ring A equal ring 1, picking it up, she says: these to big.
Bob: too big for what?
Peg: (Poking her hand through the hole, then withdrawing it.) Too big for the ball.
Bob: (pointing at the top of the conical shaft) put it on there.
Peg: (turning, looking at the large ball sitting on a ring next to her right thigh, Peggy places ring A on top of the ball).
Bob: Here. (tapping the top of the conical shaft, repeatedly.)
Peg: (puts ring A equal ring 1 directly on the conical shaft; it sinks down to the base.)
Peg: (selecting ring B equal ring 2, she puts it directly on the conical shaft; it drops into place on top of ring A.) This too big.
Peg: (pointing up at the tabletop) I want that thing (?? Big?)
Bob: oh no, those are too big.
Peg: (she looks down on the floor at the rings there.)
Bob: (bringing the ring tower around in front of her) what’s the next ring that goes on this thing here? Look at all the pieces you have. (Pointing at the rings on the floor in front of her)
peg: (selecting ring C equal ring 3, she puts it directly on the conical shaft and it sinks down to a point where there is only a small gap separating it from ring B.)
Peg: (quickly selecting 2 rings in front of her, ring D equal ring 5 she puts that directly on the conical shaft, ring E equal 6, which finishes the stack on the conical shaft. This leaves ring 4 sitting on the floor in front of her, and there are other rings a little behind and on her right side.)
Bob: won’t anymore go on?
Peg: (though ring 4 is in front of her, almost touching her foot, she turns to her right and sees another ring with a large ball sitting on top of it; she picks up the ball and throws it across the room, with a big smile on her face.)
Bob: well, I don’t think that’s as funny as you think it is.
Peg: (clapping her hands together repeatedly) mom, pass… Give it.
Bob: and I’m an old stick in the mud.
GPL: (she bounces the ball back to the toy tray, it comes within Peggy’s grasp.)
Bob: an occupational hazard.
Peg: that was funny. (Picking up the ball as if to throw it to GPL – –)
Bob: it wasn’t funny at all.
Peg: (bounces the ball at Bob).
Bob: yack. (Catching the ball, he puts it back in the toy tray.) I’ll put it right here.
Bob: (pushing one of the rings towards Peggy) what about these 2? Where do they go?
Peg: (selecting ring F equal ring 4, she sets it on top of the stack.)
Bob: (gesturing towards the ring at her right side) what about that other one over there, see?
Peg: (she holds up ring G equal ring 6) here?
Bob: yeah.
Peg: (she removes ring F and replaces it with ring G, which she holds in her hand.)
Bob: (pointing at the ring in her hand) where does that one go?
Peg: (looking at the ring in her hand) this?
Bob: yeah. Where’s it go?
Peg: don’t know. (She starts removing rings from the conical stack; she removes the top 3 rings, keeping ring 5 in her left hand, she places ring F equal ring 4 on top of ring 3, then restores ring 5 on top of ring 4. Selecting ring H equal ring 6, she adds that to the top of the stack, completing the ring tower. And then, with a duplicate ring 6 on the floor in front of her, she adds that to the top of the ring tower covering up the knob at the top.) This one.
Bob: what do you think of that?
Peg: don’t know.
Episode B:
1:36 to 2:05
Cigars — Sticks
Episode C:
2:06 to 4:17
Balls, Boxes, and Cylinders
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:
At the end of episode A, Peggy completes the ring tower with the rings well ordered. Does she appreciate that? Apparently not.

Panel P129, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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