3V1328.01 Peggy’s First Day at School (9/11/81)

Robby and Miriam both enjoyed the North Guilford Nursery School, so it seemed natural that we should enroll Peggy there too. This first day was a pleasant one — a short family visit. Gretchen, Rob, Miriam, Kate and me all came along. Peg had a good time playing with the toys.

– late observation: Gretchen car pooled with a Mrs. Baker whose son Jonathan was much opposed to nursery school. The seat belts she asked us to use for safety’s sake also helped keep him in the car until she got the door closed on him. Peggy has been less interested in school and enjoyed it less that the older children. (This is true, even to the extent of her malingering and our considering withdrawing her from school.) Early in the term, Rob and Miriam got permission from the school — and from us — to accompany Peggy. They both had a good time playing with the younger children and went there nearly every trip. When the teacher asked they visit less frequently, Peggy turned off on the school. She is disinclined to go unless one of them goes with her.

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