Peggy Study, Panel P077 Themes: A “Bouncy” Cushion, MRL & GPL Reading, Beanbags and Objects being Put-on Source: (Lawler); date: 7/15/1979 Title: Rubber Cushion; Reading; Pre-Counting Text commentary: The rubber cushion as a “new” kind of object/medium; all this reading is strange; why was it done? P77A Beanbags & Stools, 16mb P77B1 Standard Objects, 6.8mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P076 Themes: Objects & Pre-Counting, “Soccer”, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 7/10/1979 Title: Pre-Counting, Text commentary: Pre-Counting in ZPD; Precursor of later development. P76A1 Pre-Counting w/Bob, 18mb P76A2 Pre-Counting w/GPL, 24mb P76A3 Pre-Counting w/GPL, 37mb P76B “Soccer” w/Miriam, 6.1mb P76C1 Standard Objects, 24mb P76C2 Standard Objects, 31mb


Peggy Study, Panel P068 Themes: Sibling Play, Reading w/GPL, Objects w/GPL Source: (Lawler); date: 5/13/1979 Title: More Time for Mom Text commentary: P68 shows more interaction with Mom. P68A Playing with Miriam, 27mb P68B1 Reading w/GPL, 38mb P68B2 Reading w/GPL, 26mb P68B3 Reading w/GPL, 10mb P68C1 Objects w/GPL, 17mb P68C2 Objects w/GPL, 27mb


Peggy Study, Panel P066 Themes: Toys & Blocks, Sibling and Parent Interactions, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 4/30/1979 Title: ? Text commentary: These clips show Peggy’s interest driving activity; ZPD & self-construction P66A Doll, ToyDog, Blocks, 24mb P66B Blocks and Stool, 9.6mb P66C w/Sib & GPL, 22mb P66D1 Reading w/GPL, 21mb P66D2 Reading w/GPL, 29mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P063 Themes: Playing with Blocks and a Stool; Reading; Standard Object Activity Source: (Lawler); date: 4/8/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P63A Blocks Play with GPL, 14mb P63B1 Reading with GPL, 27mb P63B2 Reading with GPL, 20mb P63C1 Standard Objects, 19mb P63C2 Standard Objects, 22mb P63D1 Objects …

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Peggy Study, Panel P062 Themes: Sibling Interaction, Standard Objects and more, Communication Source: (Lawler); date: 4/1/1979 This date is uncertain because of reference to a solar eclipse; there was none on this date. Title: Text commentary: In these clips, bright sun light causes recording variation when Peg moves in and out of shadows P62A1 Play …

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Peggy Study, Panel P061 Themes: Playing with Scurry (the dog), Reading with Mom, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 3/26/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show Scurry as companion;GPL and Bob supporting Peg’s explorations & sometimes instructing. P61A Playing with Scurry, 27mb P61B1 Reading w/GPL, 22mb P61B2 Seizing Letters, 10mb P61B3 Back to Reading, 24mb P61C1 …

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Peggy Study, Panel P059 Themes: Putting-On Activities, Books with Bob, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 3/12/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show object oriented activities, primarily; also increasing verbal communication. P59A1 Blocks & Tables, 22mb P59A2 Blocks & Tables, 23mb P59A3 Blocks & Tables, 9mb P59B1 Her Books with Bob, 21mb P59B2 Her Books with …

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Peggy Study, Panel P058 Themes: Playing with Scurry & Miriam, Reading with GPL, Standard Objects with GPL and with Bob Source: (Lawler); date:3/6/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show her playmates and document ongoing development; Why important ?? P58A Playing With Scurry (the dog), 24mb P58B Talking with Bob, 27mb P58C Reading, with GPL, 20mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P057 Themes: Interactions with Mom, Playing with Objects, Weapon/Tool Use Source: (Lawler); date: 2/27/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show Object Concept and Language Development in social context; central focus of study P57A1 GPL Feeding Peggy, 13mb P57A2 Alone in her High Chair, 8mb P57A3 GPL returns, 18mb P57B Reading w/GPL, 25mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P056 Themes: Naming objects and people in pictures, Object Knoweldge, Language use Source: (Lawler); date: 2/20/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips focus on object knowledge development and language; Why important ?? P56A Naming, Pictures with GPL, 25mb P56B Blocks with GPL, 23mb P56C1 Blocks with Bob, 12mb P56C2 Blocks with Bob, 25mb …

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Peggy Study, Panel P055 Themes: Object play, Her usual toys, Parental Interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 2/12/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show Object play and parental interaction; Why important ? P55A1 Blocks and Table, 15mb P55A2 Blocks and Table, with Bob, 21mb P55B1 Toys with GPL, 19mb P55B2 Toys with GPL, 22mb P55C1 Standard Objects …

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Peggy Study, Panel P052 Themes: Family interactions, Language Pre-cursors, Object Concept development Source: (Lawler); date: 1/23/1979 Title: Peggy’s First Birthday Text commentary: These clips show Peggy’s family interactions; this is essential for understanding language development P52A1 Pretty Peggy-O, 10mb P52A2 Playing with Miriam, 29mb P52A3 Reading with Miriam, 15mb P52B1 Playing with Robby, 8.5mb P52B2 …

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Peggy Study, Panel P051 Themes: Reading Interactions, Everyday Activities, Object Development Source: (Lawler); date: 1/15/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show developmental state approaching one year; with many examples of vocal, pre-verbal communication P51A1 Reading w/GPL, 33mb P51A2 Reading w/Miriam, 18mb P51A3 Reading w/Robby, 10mb P51B Putting-in a Cup Lid, HC, 24mb P51C Over the …

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Peggy Study, Panel P046 Themes: Social Interactions, Object Exploration, Physical Development Source: (Lawler); date: Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P46A1 Box with Blocks, 11mb P46A2 Box with Blocks, 24mb P46B Playing Ball with Miriam, 6mb P46C Walking with a Table, 10mb P46D1 Nesting Boxes, 17mb P46D2 Nesting Boxes, 14mb P46E1 …

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Peggy Study, Panel P043 Themes: Communication, Object Play, Family Interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 11/19/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P43A1 Box & Blocks, with Miriam, 16mb P43A2 Box & Blocks, with Miriam, 19mb P43B Talk & Pipe-play, with Bob, 19mb P43C Body Part Names & walking, with GPL, 24mb P43D …

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P078, Peggy at 18 months (video): balls and cylinders, ring tower, wooden nickels w/Miriam; standard objects.


Peggy Study, Panel P064 Themes: Playing with Pet, Toys, and Siblings, Object Insertion, Language Development Source: (Lawler); date: 4/15/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show Sibling Instruction and play; neither can be neglected. P64A Pre-drawing, 21mb P64B Playing with Scurry, 10mb P64C1 Toys with Miriam, 12mb P64C2 Toys with Rob, 16mb P64C3 Playing with Rob, …

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Peggy Study, Panel P45 Themes: Communication, Object Exploration, Family Intereactions Source: (Lawler); date: 12/2/1978 Title: Text commentary: These clips show pre-verbal communication, early object exploration, and family interactions. P45A Communication, 13mb P45B In the Walker, with Robby, 16mb P45C1 Nesting Boxes & Blocks, 17mb P45C2 Nesting Boxes & Blocks, 21mb P45D Box with Blocks, 29mb …

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P065, Peggy at 15 months (video): marking paper; books w/GPL; blocks and more; bouncing balls; books w/Bob.


P053, Peggy at 1 year (video); GPL reads; blocks; aided walking; standing & letters; standard objects; on-top-of relation.


Pointing and Talking, Object Knowledge, Book related behavior


Communication & Pointing, Object Exploration, Family Interactions


Pointing/Communication, Object Exploration


Language Development, pre-Pointing, Object Exploration


Social Interactions & Communication, Object Exploration, Physical Development


P040, Peggy at 9 months (video): feeding Peggy, object choice; pipe-play “talk” (Bob); rolling with and without mirror; standard objects.


Communication, Object Exploration, Social Interactions


Peggy Study, Panel P035 Themes: Early Language Interactions, Object Exploration, a Typical Feeding SItuation Source: (Lawler); date: 9/24/1978 Title: Text commentary: These early clips show Peggy can be engaged in vocal communication; they help define a baseline for language development. The early play with objects on the floor has and has had the same purpose. …

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Peggy Study, Video P030 Themes: Object Knowledge, pre-Language Communication Source: (Lawler); date: 8/20/1978 Title: Text commentary: This panel is an attempt to use directly for this archive material edited earlier. The quality of the clips may be inadequate. This failing will be remedied eventually by returning to earlier sources and reproducing this clips with better …

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P026, Peggy at 6 months (video): before conversation (Bob); mirror Baby; using a spoon; objects on the floor; sibling interactions.


P018: the cast (video): introducing infant Peggy, Mom (GPL), Sibs (Rob, Miriam), Pet (Scurry). Peggy’s local world.


3V1779.01 Summary from the Week (12/5/82) Tuesday, with both Miriam and Peggy complaining of their schools, it struck me both would be happier at the Thomas Jefferson School AND if both went it would be possible for Peggy (as well as a novel opportunity for Miriam). After a call to Jean Jacques Greif (and William …

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3V177303 At the Center (11/30/82) Barbara Porter came yesterday with five kids (one mine) to the Center. Peggy brought Wendy with her and acted very friendly with her. Barbara brought sons Gregoire and Laurant and Gregoire’s friend Alden. The kids, of course, played differently. The three boys were aggressive and Laurant (older by a couple …

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3V1772.02 The result of isolation (11/29/82) text not available.


3V1541.01 Using object impermanence: Miriam and Peggy going around me — hiding by my obstructing Katy’s line of sight — as a game all delighted in: THEME: the Permanent person precedes the permanent object;.no detail (4/12/82) no more detail.


3V1425.03 Puzzle: Donald Duck (12/17/81) Putting together a 48 piece Donald Duck puzzle has been one of Peggy’s main entertainments lately. At first she would simply grab a piece, wave it around, and ask, “Where does this go?” Someone would help her, and we would try to give her good tips — do the outside …

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3V1425.02 Writing: sending a letter through the mail I have been doing my Christmas Cards. After a while, Peggy brought the piano bench over to the typewriter because she wanted to write a letter. She typed several lines on a piece of paper (I don;t remember what she said they meant — it was nothing …

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3V1415.01 Reading Vocabulary (12/7/81) In P202, I gave Peggy her first “reading test.” She showed clearly that she recognized -in their very specific contexts- these words(19) : RECALL (by keying it) RECALLING (by contrast of the display screen) READING (on display screen, shares “ing” with recalling) BLOCKS (on tape cassette, keying, and on prompt card) …

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3V1409.02 Doing School Work (12/1/81) As Robby and Miriam worked at completing their second Calvert Text, Peggy decided she too should do school work when they did. Consequently, she found (or was given) a work book and was given a set of crayons which she applied there to. She even remarked to Gretchen at one …

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3V136801 Tri-color Ribbon (10/21/81) Lately I purchased a recording “The Uprising of 1916,” and we have played it occasionally. One pretty song has the refrain “all around my heart I wear a tri-colored ribbon-oh.” Peg has begun singing the song also. We drove down town this day and somehow or other Peggy brought up this …

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3V1364.01 The Effect of my New York Job (10/17/81) While we had not yet located a place for our Logo Center, I was reluctant for Peggy to travel into New York. There has been no place for me at the NYAS (no desk, not even a chair to sit on) and I only go there …

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3V134001 Concrete situation and recalling lyrics from “The Jug of Punch” (9/23/81) Peggy having applesauce. She remarked “Let’s see…I have my spoon and bowl… As I was sitting with my spoon and bowl, I heard a small bird singing in a naval berth [?] and he sang the Jug of Punch.” Gretchen. The original lyric: …

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3V1332.01 More Singing: “ahem, ahem” (9/15/81) Peggy singing: “Ahem, ahem” something like “My mother’s gone to church…. She told me not to play with you or let you eat my margarine.” the verse goes something like this: ahem, ahem, me mother has gone to church. She told me not to play with you because you’re …

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3V1328.01 Peggy’s First Day at School (9/11/81) Robby and Miriam both enjoyed the North Guilford Nursery School, so it seemed natural that we should enroll Peggy there too. This first day was a pleasant one — a short family visit. Gretchen, Rob, Miriam, Kate and me all came along. Peg had a good time playing …

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3V1288.01 Pathetique Sonata: Peggy’s valuation (8/2/81) I began to play the adagio cantabile from Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata. I was amazed and delighted at Peggy’s spontaneous comment that the song was very beautiful.


3V1286.01 Singing: a mnemonic method for Peggy; her catalog (1/31/81) This is a very important method of recalling, perhaps even thinking, for Peggy. Let’s try to list her songs: The FOX – her oldest favorite; well known lines and jungles The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly (Burl Ives movie sound track) New York, New …

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3V1277.01 First nearly complete Alphabet song (7/22/81) Peggy is much interested in the alphabet. Recently she sat on the couch reading Richard Scary’s book, saying what the letter picture correspondences implied, “A is for Apple,” etc. Getting stuck once or twice she asked me to tell her what was intended by the picture (eg. Q …

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3V1275.01 Computer “rods” (7/20/81) Seeing the trouble she had with the rods always falling over, I asked is a Rods microworld would be easier to manipulate and thus intellectually more accessible to her. So I proceeded to make one, substituting (a later idea) the blinking of numbers in place of partial blanks — that is …

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3V1271.01 Singing: [Come down the stairs…I never did intend to marry a soldier] Peggy started down the stairs and sang, “Come down the stairs, Pretty Peggy-O….I never did intend to marry a soldier…”