3V0384.03 Salience of her name in her interpretations; vocative “dada” 2/10/79

Peggy will respond to a voice calling with an intonation like that used in calling her name. Evidence of her understanding names can be [of] other sorts. The rare example from P53 [Egg Peggy] is one strong sign that her own name is a significant potential meaning for her to which she will try to fit parts of an utterance she is trying to understand. A second strong point of evidence is Peggy’s use (in the future, if not convincingly yet) of other’s names. The closest approach so far was in this incident today.

Gretchen returned from a downtown trip. She brought in Peggy and left her sitting on the floor in the infant seat while she returned to close the door. Peggy was most unhappy in the seat and even more so to be abandoned. As I walked across the room before her she cried out /dae/dae/ – /dae/dae/ — and smiled broadly when I turned to her.

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