P146C: Grandma Puzzle 14mb

P146C Clip Notes

Notes:3:00 by Analyst, 10/2/2013
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Grandma Puzzle
Actors,Aims Peggy & Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: early seconds overlap prior pane;
Bob: (putting down the puzzle) “How About this?” …”Do you see the Grandma? (pointing) That’s the Grandma, right there.”  (dumps out the puzzle) Can you put that together now?”  P. “OK.”
Episode B: Peg: (fits the first piece.)
Peg: “I gonna have another birthday… when I grow to be Betsy.”  
Bob: “You’re gonna grow to be Betsy?  P. “Yeah.” 
Bob: “Well, when will you stop being Peggy?”  P. “I’ll grow to be a big girl.” 
Bob: “I sure hope that’s true.” 
Peg: Yeah, I sure hope I…” (changes focus to the piece she is fitting in puzzle) P. (as fitting pieces, mixed noises of satisfaction and frustration)…
Episode C:

Bob: (as camera zooms in) “I bet you know where all the pieces go, don’t you?”  GPL: “I bet she does.  I bet she can put it together faster than I can… Well, maybe not, but I think she knows better which piece goes where.” 
Bob: Well what’s very striking is that there are two pieces of the dress that are superficially identical, bu — GPL: “Yeah, right.”   
Bob: “But she is picking them up and putting them in the right place.” 
Bob: She has a little trouble fitting in things like that (image ref.) —
Peg: “Yeah, I know.”  
Bob: (squeezing up the piece into place) Yeah. “That’s a tricky one” (as P. puts the second part of the dress in place.) 
Bob: (as P. puts the “wolf face” in place): “Do you believe that’s the grandma?”  P. “Yep.  I believe it is.”   GPL: “Grandma, what big eyes you have.” 
Bob: “Well, it’s gonna be a while before we send you off through the woods, kid.”  P. “Well, it’s not messy anymore.”

Episode D: Bob: (tapping RRH): “Do you know the name of this girl here?”  P.  “Nah.” 
Bob: “That’s Little Red Riding Hood.”  
Peg: (pointing at the image) “An this she sees is a wolf.”  B. “That a Wolf?” P. “Yeah.”
Bob: “I thought I told you it was a grandma.” 
Peg: (pointing at the face) “Look this one’s a wicked wolf.” 
Bob: “Well, it’s a wicked wolf, that’s right.” 
Peg: “I think it put on a cap and set out in the woods to ?visit/look like? Grandma.” 
Bob: “Who put on a cap and went out in the woods, the wolf?  (pointing) Cause the wolf’s got a cap on.” 
Peg: (pointing at LRR feet) “And she’s got her goot (?boots?) on too.” …  GPL: “Fat ankles”
Episode E: Peg: (dragging other toys on stage) “I want to play with these animals, because they want to be played with.”
Interplay of current objects, social interaction, recall of memories and well known stories.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.

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