3V1233.01 Peggy’s first Word World: a summary description (6/8/81)

SUN (base color) (via UPx N) (help with WALK/SLOWERx2)
GIRL (base color) (Via DOWN x N=4 (started at road)
CAR (help with GREEN) (help with MOVE) (via DOWN x 5) (help with WALK/ FAST)
DOG (base color) (help with MOVE) (via DOWN x 1)
HOUSE (help with WALK/HALT) (via DOWN x 1) (base color)
VAN (help with BLUE) (via DOWN x 6) (help with WALK/TURN)
TRUCK (help with GREEN) (via DOWN?) (FAST & FASTER)
PLANE (help with RED) (via FLY)
JET (base color) (via FLY) (help with FASTER)
BIRD (help with RED) (via FLY)
OAK (help with MOVE)
novel: Peggy introduced ZOOM; I taught it to Logo as FAST and FASTER
MAN (help with WALK)

Later in the evening, after SHE crashed the system and I brought it up) Peggy began making a new world. First a house, then (with some interventions on my part) a PINE. AS I did other things, Peggy kept asking for help. The slogan that evolved in this situation was “Look at the word. The word tells you what letters to type.” this bizarre slogan represents a completely new definition of what a word IS.

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