P149C1: Standard Objects (1), 21mb

P149C1 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:32 by Analyst, 3/8/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 0:12
transition to next toy-context
Episode B:
0:13 to 2:15
Bob: shall we play with these first and the letters afterwards? Is that what you want? (As he brings the toy tray down to the floor)
Peggy: (picking out the ring tower from the toy tray) this way what I want to play with first.
Bob: okay.
Peggy: (removing rings from the ring tower one at a time) You want to play over here. (Unclear: is Peggy talking to Bob or talking to the rings?)
Bob: Can I do it?
Peggy: sure. (But she places ring A equal ring 0 on the conical stack.)
Bob: Hey! I thought I could do it. (Selecting ring Alpha equal ring 3 and putting it on the conical stack.) And then we’re going to put this one on (selecting ring Beta equal ring 5).… What’s the matter?
Peggy: (shows frustration non-verbally, then removes ring 5 from the stack; pointing at and tapping on ring A equal ring 0) we have to put this one on.
Bob: why?
Peggy: (selecting ring A equal ring 0, and placing it on the conical stack) and the other one has to go on this one now (tapping ring 0, now in place).
Bob: (again selecting ring Alpha equal ring 3) and now I’m going to put this one on (ring 3) and then I ‘m gonna put this one on (ring 5). There I did it.
Peggy: (first trying to remove them, then trying to push both of those rings down)
Bob: what’s the matter?
Peggy: (pointing ring 0, ring 4 and ring 6, on the floor in front of her) these have to go on.
Bob: (picking up ring 6) here, I’ll put it on top. (He inserts ring 6 when the top of the stack and pushes it down into place) I got it. (Picking up ring 4 and putting it on top of ring 6) and here’s another one, (selecting ring equal 1, and placing it on top of ring 6) and here’s another one. There.
Peggy: you didn’t made it. (She starts removing the excess rings from the top of the cylindrical stack) Bob: what did I do wrong?
Peggy: you started it all over, but it’s hard. (Selecting ring A equal ring 1, and putting it on the stack) we had to put this one on. (Selecting ring B equal ring 3 and putting it on a conical stack) and this one on – uh-oh – (she removes ring 3 and selects C equal ring 2) mistake
Bob: something about a stake?
GPL: mistake?
Peggy: (selects ring D equal ring 5 and puts it on the conical stack; when she appreciates the gap she removes ring 5, selects ring 4 and puts it on the stack) there. (Selecting ring E equal ring 6 from the floor in front of her she tries it on the conical stack, removes it, reaches for ring 5, puts that on the stack instead and finishes the puzzle solution by putting ring 6 on the top.)
Bob: you are sure good at that.
Peggy: uh-oh (selecting ring equal 0 from the toy tray) here comes the big one.
Bob: belongs to something else. It is not part of this story. I’m sorry if I’m confusing you.
Peggy: maybe it’s the father. (Holding up ring equal 0 between her and Bob)
Bob: (peering back at Peggy through the hole in the ring, they both laugh, as does GPL.)
Peggy: put it, go on. (Inverting the ring tower apparently to remove the rings)
Bob: well, where’s it go on?
Peggy: (pointing at the bottom of the ring 1) there.
Bob: maybe you’re right.
Episode C:
2:16 to 3:17
Peggy: (with difficulty removing rings from the horizontal ring tower) some of the rings is stuck.
Bob: that’s why? I don’t understand that.
GPL: didn’t we have a big one that was redder?
Peggy: (setting up the ring tower on it base, she selects ring A equal ring 0, and drops it on the conical stack. Selecting ring B equal ring 2, she drops that on the conical stack also. Selecting ring C equal ring one, putting it on the conical stack, she changes her mind and switches the order, putting ring 1 on the bottom and ring 2 on top of it. She selects ring D equal ring 3 and directly places it on top of ring 2. In quick succession, she places ring 4 ring 5 and ring 6 on the conical stack.)
Bob: do you know them by what color they are?
Peggy: no.
Bob: (bringing out another ring size equal to ring 6) what about this one?
Peggy: (removing ring 6 from the conical stack she holds it up in her right hand) what’s this?
Bob: I told you I had some extra ones, but they don’t belong there.
Bob: well, you’re really very good at that, maybe we should play with some other things too.
Peggy: (flicking with her fingers, she knocks off the excess ring from the top of the conical stack.)
Bob: before we go any further with that, let’s put this over here. (He removes the ring tower puzzle from the immediate context of the toy tray.)
Episode D:
3:17 to 4:32
solving the nesting cups puzzle
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P149, Object Exploration, Reading, Letters

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