P150B2: Standard Objects(4),Nesting Boxes, Cups & Beanbags 24mb

P150B4 Clip Notes

Notes: 3:08 by Analyst, 4/24/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: 0:03 – 1:15 Completing an Interrupted Tower:
Bob: now watch this. (He picks up box 3 and uses it to hide the wooden block sitting atop the closed face of box 2, which makes a 2nd story on top of the closed face of box 1.)
Peg: no! (Uncertain phrase.) (She lifts box 3 off the tower, removes the wooden block, replaces box 3 atop the closed face of box 2, she gestures to install the wooden block atop the closed face of box 3, saying: on top of. She interrupts herself: no! Withdrawing the wooden block from the closed face of box 3, she reaches into the toy tray for box 4 saying: another piece. She lifts box 4 and puts it on top of the tower adding the wooden block to its closed face on top.
Peggy: (moving around the tower to the toy tray, she bends down, saying: getting a new one.
Peg: (she stands between the camera and the tower of boxes and blocks which she is building. From later frames, it is clear that she has put the wooden block, letter V, on top of the tower, and attempted to add something else to the top, which fell off and down into the tray.)
Bob: (while she is installing the objects, Bob comments: you got it.
Peg: (as she puts the 2nd object on top of the block – it may be a small cylindrical stick – she says: put.
Peggy: (uninterpretable phrase, as she stoops down to the toy tray once more; she rises with a longer cylindrical stick in her hand. Trying to balance the cylindrical stick on top of the block, letter V, she withdraws from the effort and and returns the stick to the tray, saying: this guy should not fall.
Bob: the big cigar can not fall? – Well, I think it can, but I think you have to be very careful to put it on properly.
Peg: (she tries to balance the stick on top of the block with considerable trouble.
Bob: let me give you a little advice. Pick up the cigar. (As she attempts to do so and drops the stick, he raises the block so that a smooth face is on the top, saying: watch Peggy. You see? Put it right there – as he moves his finger over the smooth face of the block, concluding: that’s side is smooth.
Peggy: (as she struggles to balance the large cylindrical stick on top of the block, she has trouble; it falls off to the floor.)
Bob: (he retreaves it from the floor, inverts it and holding 1 end out to Peggy says: try it on this end. He proceeds to balance the cylindrical stick vertically; wiggling the stick around, he says: you try.
Peg: (apparently nodding her head “no,” off camera,
Bob: I’ll try. (It falls over; he grabs it, saying: oops. Then, trying to balance the stick on the other end, he succeeds, saying: there.
Peggy: (apparently pleased at their joint success, she drops to her knees so that her head is approximately the same height as a cylindrical stick on the top of the tower.)
Episode B: 1:16 – 1:31 Blowing It Down / Knocking It Over:
Peggy: (smiling and approaching the tower on her knees she makes noises like a panting dog. )
Peggy: (drawing in a big breath she moves her face close to the cylindrical stick and blows hard on it, trying to knock it over. On the 3rd attempt, she succeeds in blowing over the cylindrical stick.
Peg: (starting to blow on the block, letter V, she then takes a more direct approach, knocking the block and box 4 off the top of the tower with her hand. Another swing of her arm and she knocks off box 3 and box 2.
Bob: okay. I think that’s about enough of knocking things over.
Episode C: 1:32 – 3:08 How Many Beanbags ?
Peg: (reaching into the toy tray, she extracts 3 beanbags, saying: beanbags.
Bob: what are you going to do?
Peggy: (after dropping one onto the floor, she tosses it into the toy tray, near Bob).
Bob: well, how many beanbags do you have there?
Peggy: (she responds correctly, saying: 2.)
Bob: (tossing 2 more beanbags to her, he asks: how many now?
Peg: (collecting 3 beanbags from the floor into her hands she holds both up and says: a whole bunch.
Bob: yeah, but I want you to count them. Can you count the beanbags?
Peggy: (as she crosses on her knees, she says: after I put them in a cup.
Peg: (she squeezes the beanbags into one of the larger cups.)
Bob: you have them in the cup now. How many beanbags do you have?
Peg: (phrase difficult to interpret)
Bob: I don’t understand what you said.
GPL: (from behind the camera) she said something about mixing them all together, I think.
Peg: (pours the beanbags from the cup onto the floor. – – Then she busies herself stuffing the beanbags back into the cup.)
Peg: I put ’em in there, more (uninterpretable phrase). I make these in there (uninterpretable phrase).
Peg: (she continues stuffing into the cup those parts of the beanbags that keep popping back out.)
Peg: (selecting another large cup from the toy tray, she pours the beanbags from one cup into the other, finally using the 1st cup to force the beanbags down into the 2nd cup and to function somewhat like a lid. She says: they can’t get out!
Bob: uh-huh.
Peg: (still compressing the beanbags with the 1st cup, she says: cannot. Then holding both together she waves them around in Bob’s general direction.
Bob: I see that.
Peggy: (as she loosens pressure a bit, one beanbag falls to the floor.) One came out.
Bob: but how many are in the cup now?
Peg: 3. (She picks up the beanbag and puts it back in the cup.)
Bob: how many are in the cup now?
Peggy: a whole bunch. – – Look, it shut.
Bob: well, you are absolutely right about that and you did the subtraction perfectly.
Peg: (after setting down on the closed face of box 1 the cup with the beanbags in it, she puts the other cup on top, saying: put. Adding another, smaller cup on top of the 2 in place and holding the beanbags, she says: I’ll make a big, big tower.
Peg: (saying something that sounds like: what are we? – – That is NOT what she said — she then continues saying what I hear as: do P, do P.
Peggy: (she moves to the toy tray, removing the ring tower, and asks: can I can I play with these?
Bob: if you want to.
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:
Building Structures. Counting. The difficulty of understanding a child’s utterances, as well as possible meanings.

Panel P150, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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