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P153E1 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:10 by Analyst, 4/22/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: 0:03 – 1:19 Building a Boxes Tower:
Bob: I’ll put the stool over here. You can use it if you want to but you don’t have to.
Peg: (lifting the largest box out of the toy tray, she places it on floor between her feet with closed face upward; this is box A, box 1. Selecting box B, equal box 3, she places that on top of box A, saying: we could make a tower – – no! (Setting box B on the floor, she lifts box A off the floor, rotates it 90°, possibly looking inside, but quickly turns to scan again the contents of the toy tray.)
Peg: (returning box A to the floor, she selects box B once more, putting it on the closed face of box A. She now slides box B back and forth on the closed face of box A – with the side faces protruding above the closed face of box A and making a lip.) No!
Bob: what’s the matter?
Peg: (Setting box B down on the floor, she looks again to the toy tray, reaching out and touching box C, equal box 4. She withdraws her hand, saying: goes the wrong way. She removes the large ring and some cups out-of-the-way.)
Bob: I’m a little perplexed. Are you missing something?
Peg: (selecting box B again, she places it on top of the closed face of box A. Saying: it’s not even bigger. She removes box B and holds it in the air.)
Bob: it’s not even bigger. There’s a piece that you can’t find? Stretching out his arm and pointing to box 2 in the toy tray, he asks: how about this piece, right here?
Peg: (enthusiastically) oh, yeah! (She lifts box C equal box 2 from the toy tray and sets it on the closed face of box A, saying: that’s a great one! (It fits snugly, within the lips.)
Peg: (directly, she reaches out and lifts box B onto the closed face of box C, saying: I knew there was more.
Peg: (selecting box D equal box 4 from the toy tray she puts it directly on top of the closed face of box C, saying: then the little one.
Peg: (continuing to select from the toy tray, she selects a small wooden block, putting that on the closed face of box D, saying: then the – then the little on. Putting a very small block on the little one, she apparently refers to it unclearly as a teeny; and then removes it and adds a standard alphabetic block, naming it as a block. That in turn is capped by a slightly larger block. She then finishes her tower joyfully, saying: a tiny one, as she places another very small block on the top of the tower.
Bob: you like that, huh?
Peg: yeah!
Bob: that’s pretty nice.
Episode B: 1:20 – 3:39 Building a Tower of Cups:
Bob: can you build one that’s even bigger, with the cups? – – Because you’ve got a lot of cups (as he removes several cups from the toy tray putting them on the floor in front of Peggy.) Can you build a tower that’s even higher than this other one?
Peg: yeah, I can make it. (As she starts assembling a tower; she presses down hard on her 2nd cup which scatters many of the cups out-of-the-way.)
Bob: oh, it’s a little hard working with those.
Peg: (starting over again, she selects cup A equal cup one as the bottom cup; selecting cup B, cup 9, as the next, she presses down on it more carefully but still making a little squealing noise. Selecting cup C, cup 8, she tries fitting that on, saying:ummm, it’s harder.
Bob: it’s harder. Let me push in this one out of the way (as he moves the tower of nesting boxes away from the cameras line of sight of the cup tower to be). That’s really beautiful though, Peggy. You did a great job on it!
Peggy: selecting cup D, cup 6, again saying:uummm! – When that cup does not fit exactly on cup C.
Bob: (pointing to cup 7, he asks: did you forget about this one here?
Peg: (undoing her previous effort, she starts again. Selecting cup A, cup 10, then selecting cup B, cup 9, she tries to fit those 2 together.
Bob: let me help you fit that on, there. (He fits the 2 together snugly.)
Peg: (selecting cup C, cup 8, she puts it on top of the other 2 cups, but it falls off.)
Bob: (as they both reach out for the escaping cup, he picks it up and asks: do you need help fitting that one?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: (he fits it snugly on top of cup B.)
Peg: having selected cup D, cup 6, she struggles to fit it on snugly, making noises all the way.
Bob: what’s the problem with that?
Peg: it’s hard.
Bob: (bringing more cups to the fore, he says: we got a whole bunch of these. (He spreads them out before her.)
Peg: (removing and setting aside cup D, she selects cup E, cup 7, and fits that on top of the 3 cup tower – that is cup E goes on cup C.
Note: from this point forward the selection and assembly goes forward with somewhat less clarity.
Peg: (while fitting cup E on cup C, she says: that one fits… (Trying another, she says: that one – doesn’t. Hey! That one has something in it (she extracts a smaller cup from inside the one that did not fit. Once more, she tries fitting that cup on top of the tower but it does not fit snugly; she sets it down, to the side, saying: something in it.
Bob: (picking up and looking inside the cup, he says: that doesn’t have anything in it. It’s perfectly empty. He puts it down
peg: (selecting the cup previously removed, she puts it inside the cup that failed to fit, and says: (somewhat unclearly) the way, had something in it.
Bob: now it does, yes
peg: (Peggy starts putting smaller cups inside larger ones, working more on containment then on building a tower .) Scooch.
Bob: can you find the next one to go on top of here (as he points at the cup tower)?
Peg: (with a cup in each hand, she tries 1st one then the other; neither seems to fit well. She is very pleased however that with one cup sitting on top of the 4 cup tower, she is able to fit the 2nd cup on top of the other one and cover it. She concludes: pretty big.
Bob: pretty unstable at this point, I think.
Peg: (she continues balancing new cups on top of the insecure structure. This goes forward with more subassemblies of cups containing smaller cups.) Making it even higher. (Adding another small cup to the top – it falls off; she replaces it with a smaller cup.
Bob: if you get it taller than that other one I would be…
Peg: surprised (completing his statement, as she adds another cup to the stack)
Bob: surprised, yes. I don’t think you’re going to make it. I think it’s touch and go right now.
Peggy: (adding 2 more cups to the top.)
Bob: I don’t know, do you think it’s higher?
Peg: yeah! (As she moves closer to the nesting boxes tower; it is clear the cups tower is shorter.)
Ending at: 3:39
Episode C: 3:40 – 4:10 Ultimate Success:
Bob: which one is higher?
Peg: (moving over to the toy tray, she selects a small cylindrical stick – – a cigar – – and installs that on top of her cup tower.
Bob: (laughing) oh, ho ho. You made it!
Peggy: (selecting a longer cylindrical stick – – a cigar – – she installs that on top of the nesting boxes tower, saying: put a cigar on top. (it falls off at first.)
Bob: nothing like putting a cigar on top.
Peg: (successfully balancing the cigar on top of the tower, she rocks back and looks very pleased with her handiwork. She begins clapping for the work while GPL speaks from behind the camera – –
GPL: is that the Groucho Marx Memorial ziggurat?
Bob: (laughing again) good for you Peggy! That’s very nice. You make great towers.
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:

Panel P153, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction

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