3V0574.02 “One” : 08/19/79;

Peggy has begun using the sound “one” to indicate that she wants some
particular thing. The use may have come from my giving her one
cookie for one hand and one cookie for the other (cf. VT P82 for her
counting 3 bean bags as one…one…SZBTFG[?]). Today, requesting a
cookie, she brought Gretchen to the counter, pointing to where we
keep the cookies and said [one…one…cook-ie…one…one]. apparently
making no distinction in her use of the words to refer to the

Relevance: This is a second, very clear example of Peggy’s developing
two verbal forms of reference covering a single referent (see Enriched
Phrases, 08/18). The theoretical point is that with such alternative
expressions, for specific things, world-meaningful distinctions may
become attached to varying forms of expression while maintaining
concrete relations.

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