Bill Liggett and Larry Sell at Bragi ^

Working title: Live at the Bragi Café: Bill Liggett and Larry Sell.

Collection Abstract:
These movies are from performances by Bill and Larry at the Bragi Café.

Recording Date: Saturday evening, June 27, 2015.

These are a selection by Larry Sell from “The Bragi Set for 27 June 2015,”
listed here in the original order.
Note: my comments on the links below are temporary, being movie# & length
What sorts of comments would you like to see replace them?

Save Me: mvi 0219; time 5:29

Living This Dream mvi 0222; time 5:34.

Hate to Be Alone mvi 0226; time 3:42.

Let Me Down Easy mvi 0228; time 4:22.

Big Red Barn mvi231; time 4:50.

Hard Candy Middle mvi 0232; time 4:00.

Pony mvi 0235; time 5:09.

Big Things mvi 0236; time 4:35.

Wayward Sailor mvi 0041; time4:56.

I’ll Be Gone mvi 0042; Time 5:03.

Wedding in June mvi 043; Time 4:39.

North on 51 mvi0044; Time 4:12.

Eleanor Rigby mvi 0240; Time 4:14.

Memories In A Box mvi 0241; Time 4:57.

This Pleases Me So mvi 0241; Time 3:32.

One Good Metaphor mvi 0243; Time 3:39.

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