P050B: Pointing & Talking, 22mb

P050B Clip Notes

Notes:4:59 by Analyst, 2/24/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Dining Room/ Kitchen: Pointing and Talking: things on the wall
Actors,Aims Peggy (carried by GPL); Bob on camera.
Episode A: GPL: that’s my button Peggy.
Peggy: that
GPL: that. Yes, that’s my button.
Peggy: (grasping button on Gretchen’s shirt) at.
GPL: that’s another one.
Bob: (moving lamp to the background)
Peggy: (grabbing another button on Gretchen’s shirt) that.
GPL: that’s a button.
Peggy: (bringing her head down to mouth Gretchen’s button) that.
GPL: (kissing Peggy on the head) you’re all over cereal, Peggy.
GPL: clearly you need to have your hair washed today.
Peggy: (inarticulate noise)
GPL: (picks up diaper; when Peggy pulls her fingers from her mouth Gretchen sneaks in with the diaper and wipes her face) boom.
Peggy: gey-ah
GPL: (wiping her jacket) Uggh.
Peggy: (seizing another button in her hand) gey-ah
GPL: that’s a button.
Peggy: gey-ah. (Bringing her mouth down to the button)
GPL: how come you’re not going for everything else today?
Episode B:
at 1:08
Peggy: Ha’ That.
GPL: yeah.
Peggy: (a clear exhibition of the pure point) that.
GPL: what are you pointing at? The lights?
Peggy: (focus on Gretchen’s button; turning head away from camera) have that.
GPL: What? (rotating in place; Peggy turns her head, focused on a plate on the wall)
Peggy: have that.
GPL: want to go look at that? (They begin to move toward the wall)
Bob: she was pointing at the Chinese plate on the wall?
GPL: (Gretchen walks directly to the wall and the Chinese plate there on).
Episode C:
at 1:28
Bob: (zooming camera focus to close up on Chinese plate and Peggy reaching out and pointing)
Peggy: it is (the speech was actually unclear). That.
GPL: what do you think of that?
Peggy: that (pointing at a figure on the edge of the plate) that (pointing at the figure of the Chinese lady on the plate center).
GPL: Yep.
Episode D:
at 1:42
Peggy: (turning her head to her right, looking at the wildlife picture on the wall)
GPL: now what?
Peggy: (turning her head left again she points at the Chinese plate and says) that… There that.… That. (Elevating her hand to point at the Chinese characters on the plate) that.… That (lowering her hand)
GPL: don’t scrape your hand on the holder there Peggy. (Turning away from the Chinese plate) is there anything else you want to go see Peggy?
Peggy: (pointing up and away towards the center of the room) that… That
Episode E:
at 2:03
GPL: that over there?… My needlepoint? (Gretchen walks toward the needlepoint on the wall,)
Peggy: that.
Bob: (swings camera to follow the pair and focuses on needlepoint)
Peggy: that.
GPL: (holding Peggy up closer to the needlepoint) it is.
(As Peggy’s feet bump the wall, she focuses on her feet) nevermind what’s under your feet. You’re supposed to look at the needlepoint. You said you wanted to come over and look at the needlepoint.
Bob: maybe she wanted to look at the pronghorn on the back wall.
GPL: no. She looked and pointed over this way at the needlepoint.
Peggy: (pointing at the pronghorn antelope on the wall) that… That. That. (Reaching out and pointing she then turns back toward the camera) that. That.
GPL: that’s a picture of an antelope. (Gretchen turns back toward the camera; Peggy says that but with no clear indicative gesture).
Episode F:
at 2:49
Bob: Peggy, Peggy, where’s your mother’s nose? Can you find Gretchen’s nose?
Peggy: (exhibiting the pure point directly to Bob) that. Have that.
Bob: I’ve got a nose? Yes I do.
Peggy: (squirming, she causes Gretchen to shift her around in her arms.)
GPL: Peggy, Peggy, where’s my nose? (Intermingling that’s with squirming, Peggy is not interested)
where’s my nose?? (Peggy starts whimpering over Gretchen’s left shoulder).
Peggy: that.
GPL: no. It’s not on my shoulder. Where’s my nose Peggy?
Bob: (laughs)
GPL: where’s my nose?
Peggy: (turning back to the antelope, pointing) that.… Have that.
GPL: you want to go and look at the pronghorn eh? Where’s my nose?
Peggy: (pointing past Gretchen’s right shoulder over it) that.
GPL: what’s up there? It’s just a bunch of junk on top of the refrigerator.
Peggy: ee geh.
GPL: oh, the potholder (Gretchen leans so the Peggy can reach out to touch the potholder)
Peggy: that.
GPL: Yep. That’s a potholder….Where’s my nose?
Peggy: (squirming, generally indicating the direction of the pronghorn antelope picture, then pointing at the picture). That.
Bob: (amused) guess she’s not too much interested in noses right now.
GPL: (carrying Peggy back to the antelope picture) is this the one you want to see?
Peggy: that.… That.
Episode G:
at 3:59
Bob: (zooming in on the pair at the picture)
GPL: (while Peggy says that… That, Gretchen says tentatively) DaDa? That’s an antelope. An animal.
Peggy: (looking out into the open space of the kitchen dining area) that… That. (With no sign of an indicative point visible) that. That. That.
GPL: (following Peggy’s stretching arm, Gretchen realizes Peggy is reaching toward the cookies, and laughs).
Bob: oh, she saw the cookies?
GPL: Yep. She was reaching for one to (Gretchen extracts a cookie from the box and gives it to Peggy, who stuffs it in her mouth).
Bob: good for you Peggy. Hooray for Peggy.
GPL: Hooray for Peggy.
Bob: well, she’s smart enough not to do that with a cookie.… Well, you learned, yup.
GPL: (holds and jiggles Peggy a bit while she eats her cookie)
Bob: why don’t we stop right here?.
Ending at 4:59
The Pure Point; difficulty of understanding Peggy’s objectives, interests; interest in objects “out of reach”

Panel P050, Pointing and Talking, Object Knowledge, Book related behavior

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