3V0882.03 Reading as VERY specific knowledge: The Calculus Affair (6/22/80)

Peggy climbed into a chair with the Tintin book unopened. Pointing to
the title on the cover she asked “What’s that name, way up there?”
“Calculus,” I answered. Pointing a little lower, she asked, “What’s that
name?” My answer was “affair” and finally “The” when she pointed at
the very top.

Peggy pointed again, after raising the book so I couldn’t see it, “What’s
that name, there?” I told her I couldn’t see. “Calculus,” she informed
me now , then went to reading the rest of the book. She now sits
puzzling over the last page. Peggy dropped the book to join Miriam in
playing with some presents left by their grandmother.

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